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企業管理學系Department of Business Management‧Institute of Health Care Management
Name Contact Email Area of Expertise
Chang, Chun-Tuan (張純端)

Consumer Behavior, Advertising,Marketing Management, International Marketing Management, Experimental Design

Chao, Ping-Yi (趙平宜) Operation Management, Process Management, Patent Infringement, Entrepreneurship
Chen, Anlin (陳安琳) Finance
Chen, Ni-Yun (陳妮雲) Financial Accounting And Capital Market
Chow, Tai-Hwa (周泰華) Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Customer Satisfaction
Fong, Cher-Min (方至民) Strategic Management; International Business
Ho, Hsiao-Wen (何筱文) International Business Strategy, International Strategic Alliances And M&As, Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer/ Acquisition And Learning, Internationalization Of E-Commerce Industries
Huang, Min-Hsin (黃明新) Services Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Retailing Management, Brand Management
Kuo, Tsuang (郭倉義) Production And Operations Management, Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning
Lee, Chin-Tarn (李清潭) Business Law, Law And Market, Law And Society, Entrepreneurship Management, Law And Science & Technology
Li, Ying-Chun (李英俊) Health Services Research, Health Policy And Management, Quality Of Care, Gerontology
Liang, Huei-Mei (梁慧玫) Innovation Management, Quantitative Methods
Liang, Li-Lin (梁立霖) Health Economic, Applied Econometrics, Impact Evaluations, China Health Reform, Health Expenditure, Prospective Payment Syste
Lin, Feng-Lee (林峰立) Routines And Organizational Capabilities, Traditional Chinese Strategic Management, Knowledge Creating, Operation Research
Lin, Hao-Chieh (林豪傑) Strategic Management, Strategic Leadership, Team Dynamics
Lin, Hsing-Er (林杏娥) Innovation Strategy, Knowledge Strategy, Ambidexterity, Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership
Ni, Feng-Yu (倪豐裕) Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting
Sher, Chien-Yuan (佘健源) Public Economics, Cultural Economics, Empirical Microeconomics, Applied Micro-Econometrics
Shih, Shin-I (施欣宜) Team Learning And Effectiveness, Judgment And Decision Making, Personality, Scale Development
Tsai, D.H. (蔡敦浩) Entrepreneurial Research, Strategic Management, Qualitative, Research Method, Complexity Science Theory, Knowledge Management
Tsai, Hsien-Tang (蔡憲唐) Management Sciences, Quality Engineering & Management, Quantitative Analysis
Velema, Thijs (韋岱思) Organizational Theory, Social Network Analysis, Professional Labor Markets, European Professional Football, Longitudinal Data Analysis
Wang, Chih-Yuan (王致遠) Innovation And Technology Management, Industrial Analysis And National Competitiveness, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Business Ethics
Wang, Wann-Cherng (王萬成) Accounting And Finance
Wu, Chi-Cheng (吳基逞) Microeconomics Analysis, Game Theory, Marketing Strategy
Yeh, Shu-Chuan (葉淑娟) Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Health Care Management, Long-Term Care


Department of Information ManagementDepartment of Information Management
Name  Contact Email Area of Expertise
Chang, Te-Min (張德民) Data Mining, Text Mining, Data Analytics, Decision Analysis
Chao, William S. (趙善中) Systems Architecture, Hardware Architecture, Software Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Architecture, Thinking Architecture
Chen, Chia-Mei (陳嘉玫) Cyber Security, Instruction Detection, Cluster System, Cloud Computing
Chen, Nian-Shing (陳年興) E-Learning, Web-Based Learning, Mobile Learning, Online Synchronous Teaching
Chiu, Choa-Min (邱兆民) Electronic Commerce And Virtual Community
Fan, Jui-Chu (范瑞珠) Information Management, E-Learning, Distance Learning, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management
Hsu, Jack Shih-Chieh (徐士傑)

Electronic Commerce, Project Management, Service Science, Information Security

Hwang, San-Yih (黃三益) Text Mining, Recommender Systems, Workflow Management, Web Services, Database Systems
Kang, Yihuang (康藝晃) Temporal Data Mining, Scalable, Scalable Data Analytics, Enterprise Data Management, Business Process Mining, And Health Informatics
Kuo, Feng-yang (郭峰淵) Cognition And Learning In Organizations, Information Ethics, Knowledge Management, And Human-Computer Interactions
Lee, Wei-Po (李偉柏) Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Computer Algorithms
Liang, Ting Peng (梁定澎) E-Business, Electronic Commerce, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, Strategic Information Systems
Lin, Fen-Hui (林芬慧) Electronic Commerce, Internet Marketing, Innovation And Entrepreneurship Management, Case Writing And Teaching Method
Lin, Hsin-Hui (林信惠) Information Technology Project Management, Decision Science
Lin, Keng-Pei (林耕霈) Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Machine Learning
Lin, Tung-Ching (林東清)

Knowledge Management, Web 2.0, Electronic Commerce And Management Of Information System

Lin, Yi-Ling (林怡伶) Data Analytics, Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Human Computer Interaction,Social Science, Personalization/ User Modeling, And Recommendation System
Liu, Pin-Yang (劉賓陽) Global Logistical, Management, Production/Operation Management, Operations Research, System Simulation And Analysis, Service Quality Management, Cultural Content Industry, Innovation And Entrepreneurship
Liu, Jen-Her (吳仁和) E-Commerce And Innovation, E-Business And Implications, Systems Analysis And Design, Human Computer Interaction
Yang, Yu-Chen (楊淯程) Economics Of Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, Data Mining


Department of Finance ManagementDepartment of Finance  
Name  Contact Email Area of Expertise
Chang, Yue-shan (張玉山) Economics, Public Finance, Management of State-owned Companies, Game Theory
Chen, Miao-Ling (陳妙玲) Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Accounting
Chin, Chang-Chiang (秦長強) International Economics, Macroeconomics
Huang, Jen-Jsung (黃振聰) Fixed Income Analysis, Options, Investment Analysis
Jeng, Yih (鄭義) Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation, Multi-Factor Models
Kuo, Chau-Jung (郭照榮) Financial Theory, Information Economic Theory, Econometrics
Lee, Chien-Chiang (李建強) International Economics, Banking And Finance, Energy Economics, Macroeconomics
Liao, Y. Chris (廖源星) Asset Management, Market Efficiency, Mergers And Acquisitions
Lieu, Derming (劉德明) International Finance, Investment, Options And Futures
Ma, Tai (馬黛) Market Microstructure, Corporate Governance, IPOs, Financial Engineering
Tang, Chun-Hua (唐俊華) Financial Engineering, Pension Planning , Asset Pricing
Tsai, Chia-Fen (蔡佳芬) Behavior Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Portfolio Choice
Tsai, Wei-Che (蔡維哲) Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Investment
Wang, Chih-Wei (志瑋) Risk Management, Financial Risk Spillover , Financing Structure And Credit Risk
Wang,Chou-Wen (王昭文) Quantitative Investment And Program Trading, Financial Engineering, High-dimensional Asset Model, Mortality Model And Longevity Securitization, Dimension Reduction In Portfolio Selection


Institute of Public Affairs ManagementInstitute of Public Affairs Management
Name Contact Email Area of Expertise
Chang, Chiung-Ting (張瓊婷) Climate Change Adaption, Flood Risk Management, Development Economics, Happiness Studies
Hsieh, Cheng-Hsun (謝政勳) Nonprofit Organizational Management, Urban And Rural Development, Environment Planning And Management
Kuo, Jui-Kun (郭瑞坤) Community Renaissance, Urban Design, Town Development Planning, Landscape And Environmental Planning And Management, Leisure, Recreation And Tourism Planning
Lam, San-Pui (林新沛) Environmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Peng, Yen-Wen (彭渰雯) Gender And Management, Public Participation, Democratic Governance, Post-Positivist Policy Analysis, Urban And Community Development
Wang, Ming Shen (汪明生) Trans-Sphere Analysis, Civil Governance, Judgement And Decision Analysis In Public Affairs, Especially In The Areas Of Environmental Protection, Economic Development, Local Government And Civil Culture
Wu, Jih-Hwa (吳濟華) Urban & Regional Economics / Urban & Regional Policy Analysis; Strategic Evaluation & Multicriteria Decision Making Analysis; Project Evaluation & Regional Investment Analysis
Wu, Wei-Ning (吳偉寧) Local Government, Emergency Management, Citizen Participation, Public Management, Public Service


IBMBAInstitute of Human Resources Management
Name Contact Email Area of Expertise
Chang, Shen-Chen (張紳震) Organizational Institutionalism, Institutional Logics, Institutional Work, Family Business
Chen, I-Heng (陳以亨) Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Development, Creativity And Innovation Management
Chen, Shyh-Jer (陳世哲) Labor And Industrial Relations, Organizational Behavior, International Human Resource Management
Chi, Nai-Wen (紀乃文) Emotions At Work, Team Management, Employee Attitudes And Behaviors
Jaw, Bih-Shiaw (趙必孝) Human Resource Management, International Human Resource Management, Strategic Human Resources Management, International Management And Strategy, Knowledge Management, Cross-Cultural Management
Jen, Chin-Kang (任金剛) Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management
Lee, Chia-Jung (李佳蓉) Corporate Governance, Innovation And Technology Management, Family Business, International Business
Li, Cheng-Hsien (李澄賢) Latent Variable Modeling, Multivariate Statistics, Psychometrics
Wang, An-Chih (王安智) Contextualized Organizational Behavior, Particularly In Chinese Settings, Chinese Leadership Styles And Their Effects, Gender And Leadership, Transformational Leadership And Its Cultural Boundaries, Change Recipients’ Response Toward Organizational Change
Wang, Christina Yu-Ping (王喻平) Cross-Culture Management, Corporate Sustainability And CSR, International Management, Strategic Human Resources Management, Knowledge Management


Institute of Marketing CommunicationInstitute of Marketing Communication
Name Contact Email Area of Expertise
Chang, Jung-Hua (張榮華) Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Service Marketing, Communication
Cheng, An-Shou (鄭安授) Information Literacy And Ethics, Information Policy, Media And Society
Chou, Hsuan-Yi (周軒逸) Advertising Effects, Consumer Behavior And Psychology, Political Communication, Marketing Research
Lee, Ya-Ching (李雅靖) E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Media Management, Technology Adoption
Shaw, Ping (蕭蘋) Gender And Media Studies, Risk Communication, Content Analysis, Textual Analysis
Tan, Yue (譚躍) Social Marketing, Media Effects Research, Political Communication, Technology Risk Communication, Journalism and Communication, China Mass Media Research
Wang, Shaojung (王紹蓉) Computer-Mediated Communication, Social Media, Mobile Media, Privacy And Surveillance In The Information Society


Name Contact Email  Area of Expertise
Chen, Yuan-Ling (陳媛玲) Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Strategic Alliance
Sung, Chao-Hsien (宋兆賢) Financial Management, Financial Market, Corporate Sustainability Management

IBMBAGlobal HRM English MBA Program
Name Contact Email  Area of Expertise
McConville, David Craig (莫西大衛) Interpretivist and Phenomenological Research Methods (relating to: Work Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management), Employee Share Ownership (discretionary and all-employee), Employee Attitudes and Behaviors, Psychological Ownership, Cross Cultural Psychology, Workplace Friendships; Work-life Balance