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What & Why?

Starting from Spring 2014, the College of Management, NSYSU has a new policy regarding thesis writing. In order to promote academic integrity, the College requires all graduates to submit their complete thesis to the TURNITIN, an online text-matching software, as to make sure students' works are referenced properly and no plagiarism is occurring. Before applying for oral defense, each student is required to upload his/her thesis to this system and run it for an Originality Report. This Report will show the percentage of similarities between known sources in TURNITIN database and his/her thesis. Students are advised to aim for a percentage between 5% and 20%. By reviewing each student’s Originality Report, the advisers will make the final decision whether one student is qualified to proceed with the oral defense.


How to get access to TURNITIN?

The students’ adviser or their program office will add the students in TURNITIN from the backstage (as an Administrator). Next, the students will receive an email from TURNITIN, informing them their username and password. If students cannot find the email in their INBOX, please be advised to check their SPAM. Then the students can follow the instruction of that email in order to use TURNITIN, which is fully accessible in Mandarin and English.

Step by Step screen-captures

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:


Hand in the latest Originality Report before graduation

After oral defense, students would make necessary revisions and run their thesis for an updated Report. Before graduation, students need to show the new Report to their advisers and get approval. Meanwhile, the students need to sign a declaration (see below) to show their full responsibility for their work and give the declaration along with a copy of the Report to their program office.




Q: How to upload my thesis into the TURNITIN?
A: Please view the demonstration video for more information:

Q: If I forgot my password, how can I get a new one?
A: If you forgot your password, please visit this page
Click on RESET PASSWORD on the page and follow the instructions on how to get a new set of password.

Q: Any tips for using the TURNITIN?

  1. Students can submit their draft multiple times prior to making the final submission to their adviser.
  2. No more than 10% of your assessment should be quoted material, the reference list or bibliography is NOT included in this percentage. Students and educators can remove the reference list or bibliography from the score within the report by clicking on ‘Exclude Bibliography’ in the top left hand corner of the Originality Report. This will not change the similarity score that appears next to your assessment, but will allow you to view the report without this included.
  3. All thesis submitted to TURNITIN will be automatically matched with articles contained in TURNITIN’s database. After this process, a digital assessment will be stored in TURNITIN. Students’ assessment can only be viewed by their advisers and themselves.
  4. In general cases, TURNITIN requires no more than 30 minutes to run your thesis for Originality Report. But occasionally, it takes longer for lengthy thesis. Therefore, please be reminded to submit your work early so that you can have time to act on the report.

Q: What else do I need to complete before my graduation?
A: According to AACSB regulation, students need to submit:

  1. Declaration with signature and your Originality Report. You DON’T have to ask your adviser to sign both documents. Please give the abovementioned forms to your program assistants.
  2. An online AACSB questionnaire: Please consult your program office for help if necessary.


For further inquiries, please visit your program office.