【Interview】GHRM MBA Alumni Michal Ryznar

GHRM MBA Alumni Michal Ryznar
GHRM MBA Alumni Michal Ryznar
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NSYSU GHRM MBA program has illustrious alumni, and today, we would like to share Michal Ryznar's experience.
Michal is from a small city in the Czech Republic and studied Applied Informatics for his bachelor's degree. Although he's a fan of IT technology, he prefers to work with people. Michal didn't feel like the typical IT nerd, and that inspired him to pursue GHRM MBA in NSYSU. For his hobbies, Michal enjoys soccer, swimming, and working out. After coming to Taiwan, Michal also became a fan of dragon boat. 
In 2016, during the last year of his bachelor studies, Michal attended the exchange program between his home university and NSYSU. Initially, Michal didn't know much about Taiwan or the GHRM MBA program, but by the end of his exchange semester came to realize the beauty of the island and its people. This motivated Michal to explore the possibility of pursuing a Master’s program at NSYSU, and that's how he was introduced to the GHRM MBA and IBMBA program. During his time at NSYSU, he also joined the football as well as the dragon boat team. When he had free time, he also enjoyed learning Chinese, exploring nature, eating traditional food of Taiwan, and running on the university’s athletic field. 
For Michal, his third semester was his most memorable, and it was also his busiest. He shares:
“My third semester was probably my busiest period of my student life. I engaged in multiple activities and took a lot of responsibilities upon myself. That also resulted in many unforgettable experiences and feeling of satisfactions. To mention three most significant experiences during this period: 
Being the Vice-president of Student Association
Coaching the International Dragon Boat Team
Internship in software technology company in Kaohsiung”
Michal is currently working as an Assistant Sales Manager for a technology startup company in Taipei called Amaryllo. The company was founded in 2012 in Netherland and has been growing rapidly across the globe. The company designs and produces state-of-the-art security Cameras. Michal believes that his Master’s degree from GHRM MBA certainly helped him in his career. He says:
“I am pretty confident that I was chosen to join my current company mainly due to my MBA degree from a local university. When the HR see it on your resume, it will give them confidence that you are likely to be comfortable in working with local employees.”
For the current students of GHRM MBA program, Michal advises them to focus on studying Chinese for future prospects in Taiwan. Michal shares: 
“Focus on studying Chinese when you have time, especially if you plan to stay in Taiwan after the graduation. Although Chinese is hard, especially at the beginning because of the tones and word order that is different in compare with English I would recommend everyone using Chinese learning apps such as Pleco because it is the easiest way how to remember and revise the characters and vocabularies.”
GHRM MBA is proud to have Michal Ryznar as one of our prestigious alumni and wishes him the very best in all his future endeavors. We will continue to bring such stories and experiences from our fellow students and alumni in the near future.