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About us

Our Mission

In respond to globalization and pursuit of academic-industrial cooperation, the College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University established its Office of Career Development(OCD) in 2020, eyeing on students' competency in business ethics, global economic trends and career development. Led by Dr. San Yih Hwang, Dean of College of Management, along with the Associate Dean, Dr. Jui Kun Kuo, the office developed well-rounded strategies to promote students' right attitudes facing the job market, learn to carve paths for their careers from our distinctive alumni and be prepared alongside their theoretical knowledge in class. 

Our Vision

Through OCD's operation, the College expects itself to deepen and strengthen links to its distinctive alumni and the industries. In the early stages of OCD, its operations included resume workshops, career lectures, online and offline career coaching, company visits, alumni talks and CSR projects. The office not only aims to provide students a wider variety of career assistance in the future, but also collaborate with our academics and contribute management solutions to the companies in need, to elevate both industrial exchange and business education in Taiwan.

Our Plans

After the establishment of the OCD, the office has been working closely with some of the College's outstanding alumni and is expected to launch the“Career Consultation”service in September 2020. With the service, the OCD seeks betterment in student-alumni interaction and improvement in students' career opportunities. The office is now working relentlessly to collaborate with NSYSU alumni in Cathy Securities Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Facebook and China Trust. The consultant team will provide bilingual services to both local and international students in College of Management, NSYSU.

Career Consulting and Employment Preparation

To assist the students gain better understanding to industrial and economic trends, the College of Management, NSYSU will also be organizing lectures and workshops related to careers, resume and interview skills, to better prepare the students for the labor market, starting from the annual job fairs during March and April. We wish to positively guide the students through the pathways they will be facing in the near future.

Our Approach

With the long-term goal of gaining internship, placement and job opportunities in our mind, we look forward to hearing from you. Should any of our industry expertise and our distinguished alumni wish to get into contact with us, please go to“Message to Recruiters”page, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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