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Resume Screening and Interview Skills Introduction

Our Purpose

The project is supported by a group of NSYSU College of Management alumni and current PhD students with the passion and willingness to elevate the students' growth through rich experience in their respective professional sectors. The consultancy provides students advises on resume constructing, interview skills with the consultants' human resource profession, to better prepare the students for their career.


  • Resume/ Interview consultants: 

The consultants are alumni from the College of Management, NSYSU and will each provide 2-3 hours per semester for online career consulting.

  • Participating Students:

Students of the College of Management are welcomed to book their slots for consultation. Their consultation sessions will be first-come-first-served as per availability. (mainly for Juniors, Seniors and Masters)

Consultant Selection Process

The consultants are required to be current human resource professionals (with over 5 years of experience or PhD students from NSYSU). The consultation slots are arranged between November to December (fall semester) and April to May (spring semester) each year.

Roles in the Consultation


  • Instruction and alteration of resumes
  • Interview skill workshops and mock interviews

Participating students:

  • Students who successfully book their slots shall upload resume three days after admission.
  • Should the admitted students not being able to attend their consultation, they shall inform the office seven working days before the consultation session, for the office to make waiting list arrangements. Violators will not be allowed to make appointments for consulting services.
  • Students shall be presented at the consultation with a humble learning attitude.
  • Please complete the admission process and submit your resume three days before the session.

Our Approach

Each student can book two slots per semester. The consultation session takes place in the afternoon or evening during the week (Mon-Fri); each session will be a 30-minute long one-on-one talk.


College of Management room CM4051


Eshine Chen, Office of Career Development, College of Management Tel: (07) 525-2000 #4516


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