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Datastream is an online database that provides data from over 60 markets and 175 countries worldwide, including general economic research, interest rates, exchange rates, international currencies, stock prices, bond indices, securities information, corporate financial statements, options, and futures.

Currently, there are 6 databases:

  • Global Economics:75 key aggregate economic data from 70 markets around the world from the 1950s onwards
  • Global Equities:Over 40 years of real-time securities-related data from over 100 exchanges worldwide
  • Bonds:Over 40 years of historical data
  • Options and Futures:Options on the European and U.S. markets with the highest liquidity in the world from the 1970s onwards
  • Global IBES:I/B/E/S surplus estimates from the 1970s onwards
  • Global Worldscope:fundamental data from the 1980s onwards covering over 78,000 companies in 119 countries

Target: Faculty and students of the College of Management
How to apply: Apply through the Management Studies Research Center by email
Time of use: 3 days from the time of notification

Management Studies Research Center, NSYSU

  • Phone: (07)525-2000 ex 4526
  • Email: msrc@cm.nsysu.edu.tw

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