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【Interview】Double Degree Program Alumni:Maxime Calot (IBMBAxESSCA)


Maxime Calot

Originally from France
Dual Award Alumni of NSYSU/ESSCA in Taiwan and France, 2015


The National Sun Yat-sen University offers a wide array of dual degree programs in which students can participate for an additional degree. One of such alumni was Maxime Calot from France, who came to Taiwan in 2014 from Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA), France to study IBMBA Program. Zhanna Samodurova, the President of the Students Association of the International Program, conducted an interview with Maxime and asked a few questions about his experience.

- Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself? 
Sure, no problem. Thank you for having me. I am French, was born and grown up in Paris. I started my bachelor in ESSCA school, which is located in the West part of France. Eventually, around 20 years old, I started moving abroad to do my internships and the thoughts about getting my Master degree came to my mind as a logical next step for my future life and career. Therefore, I started looking for a suitable program for me and found Dual Degree Program at NSYSU in Taiwan for my first time.
- Why did you choose NSYSU? Were you considering other countries as an option to get your Dual Degree? 
To be honest, I do not remember what other options my school  suggested, probably some countries in Europe. Anyhow, I was always very interested in Asia, and Taiwan for me was a great chance to explore this part of the world by my own. I was deeply attracted by this amazing country, the Kaohsiung city and campus of NSYSU very much.  Therefore, I checked courses that NSYSU offers for students immediately and made my decision of coming to Taiwan. 
- As you mentioned courses of the school, would you recall what your favorite class(es) and professor(s) were during the program?
I remember, that I had to choose my classes when I arrived. But what I really loved about courses is that I was able to learn new things and different things comparing with what I had been studying in France. I took several courses at College of Management, such as Business Ethics, International Human Resource Management and Global Supply Chain Management. Also, all courses that related to politics which fits my interest, as a result, I also took few courses from College of Social Science at NSYSU. Oh, and Chinese courses offered by NSYSU Chinese Language Center, of course! Chinese was amazing as well. I will never forget that kind of experience.
- How do you find studying at NSYSU compare to at ESSCA? What is the main difference from your point of view?
Talking about educational part, I would say in Taiwan is more flexible. I believe it can be explained by the fact that Taiwanese professors trust students more than in France. Most of the time, European teachers are more suspicious. I remember that it was a lot of trust and confidence with professors from NSYSU. Apart from that, I would mention the flexibility of choosing your own courses. I think all of those facts contributed a lot to the fact that we loved the classes. 
- Let’s talk about your job experience. Did you have any internships during studying? Was it hard for you to find a job after getting Dual Degree Diploma? 
I did not do any internships while studying in Taiwan. However, I did some during my whole education period at companies, such as Microsoft BeLux and Openfield. At Microsoft I was on the position of Windows & Surface sales representative. My top missions were field sales at various Microsoft & partner events, competition analysis and benchmarks, and also event organization and internal communication lead on Windows-related topics. Anyhow, I studied in France for 6 months after NSYSU, and I think that my experience in Taiwan helped me most by demonstrating the cultural shift. It had been as well as working in different environments. Currently, I am an Advisor for large corporates to develop their digital marketing activities in sub-Saharan Africa, at Google.
- Would you recommend this program to your friends and future Master Degree students?
Yes, absolutely. I think, it is a wonderful opportunity to open your mind and learn something new about different culture. And I can tell that Taiwanese culture is amazing. Additionally, I am sure that Taiwan is “super-welcome” land to everyone. Therefore, I would definitely recommend this school and this program specifically to everyone.   
Respondent: Maxime Calot (Alumni of Dual Degree Program of NSYSU, 2015)
Interviewer: Zhanna Samodurova (The President of Students Association, 2020)
Date: 08/04/2020
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