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【Contest】HULT PRIZE NSYSU 2021


【Contest】 HULT PRIZE 2021

  • In 2021 the Hult Prize is asking youth around the world to build viable food enterprises that will create jobs, stimulate economies, reimagine supply chains, and improve outcomes for 10,000,000 people by 2030.


  • Hult Prize is a non-profit organisation which helps students engage with real-world issues by holding a global competition.
  • The winner will gain 1 million USD.


  • This Time It's going to happen on 12th Dec 2020 in NSYSU on 2020/12/12
  • Make it real. Make it happen. The 2021 Hult Prize Food for Good Challenge is on.


Theme: Food for Good

Application Deadline: 3 December, Midnight
Rehearsal day: 11 December
Competition Day: 12 December (half-day in the morning)
Rule & Regulation
- Each team should consist of 3 to 4 current students from NSYSU.
- The pitching** is 6 mins of presentation and 4 mins of Q & A.
* The venue for the info session and the workshop is at the college of management.
** The pitching can be in English or Chinese, however, the winning team should present in English at the regional summit.
*** There is no requirement that the social business should be implemented. You can still submit the application if you only have an idea.
Criteria: Idea, WOW factor, Impact, Traction, Team
Competing team benefit
- Educate: Embrace opportunities through workshops and competition
- Engage: Face real-world problems
- Transform: Motivate yourself to be a social entrepreneur


Info session: 19 November,

Venue: College Of Management NSYSU CM3035*, 18.20 - 21.00

Source:( https://www.facebook.com/HultPrizeNsysu)


Hult Prize NSYSU 2020/2021 

Google Docs Link  To Apply -https://forms.gle/T31jdYd6t6yYiLrb9


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