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Faculty Grant Scheme

Faculty Research Encouragement Subsidy

  College/Department Regulations
Subsidy for building research teams
  • College subsidy for research assistants in research teams formed by two or more tenure-track faculty
  • Each faculty in the research project can be granted with maximum NT$ 40,000 as subsidy for research assistants.
    The subsidy is limited to two projects per faculty.
  • College Coordinator-Bifen Jhuang, Ext. 4526



Encouraging Faculty’s Publication in Top-Tier Journals

  College/Department Regulations
Top Tier Journal Articles Proofreading and Translation Subsidy
  • Tenure-track faculties’ submission to the listed top-tier 69 journals can be subsidized
    with maximum NT$ 40,000 per person for proofreading or translation.
    Subsidies for articles passed 1st round review are not limited to the amount.
  • Application starts every December by announcement.
  • see the listed 69 journals
  • College Coordinator-Bifen Jhuang, Ext. 4526
Yat-sen Management Academic Award
  • Tenure-track faculties’ publication as first authors or corresponding authors in the
    listed top-tier 23 journals can be granted with a bonus of NT$ 400,000 per article.
  • The other listed authors can be granted with NT$ 200,000.
  • see the listed 23 journals
  • College Coordinator-Bifen Jhuang, Ext. 4526


Inviting Short-term Visiting Scholars

  College/Department Regulations
Short-term Visiting Scholar
  • Visiting scholars who have published on top-tier international journals (see the listed 69 journals)
    and plan to conduct cooperative research for at least 3 weeks at the College, are granted with a
    maximum of NT$ 300,000 as subsidy per year.
  • Application starts every April by announcement.
  • see the listed 69 journals
  • College Coordinator- Anisa Wang, Ext. 4528
Yat-sen Emeritus Chair Professor
  • The invitee needs to obtain the sponsorship from MOST and should have published paper on the
    international top tier journal (see the listed 23 journals) as first author or corresponding author.
  • The invitee should stay at the College of Management for at least one month every year.
  • The College of Management will provide a subsidy of NT$ 20,000 per month, daily allowance (as
    chair professor) and one time business class ticket.
  • see the listed 23 journals
  • College Coordinator- Anisa Wang, Ext. 4528
Application resources for inviting visiting scholars
  • International Relations Office, College of management will provide further assistance and resources.
  • College Coordinator- Mavis Hung, Ext. 4519