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If you would like to conduct a company information seminar on campus, or have recruitment information (full-time positions, internships) that would like to share with NSYSU students, please make a contact with the OCD via email or phone.

OCD provides the service of posting recruitment/internship.
Please mail the publications to OCD in Word format. The content should include the info. below:
ALL required fields have an asterisk(*).
1. Recruitment/Intern Content:

*Company Profile/Industry
 VAT number
*Job type and details.
Qualifications and eligibility conditions.
*Whether to provide salary and insurance
Publicity materials
*Methods of delivering resume/registration & Link of mailbox/registration .
If the resume has a restricted format, you can write notes and attach the format file.
*Delivery/application deadline.
*Contact info.

  • Corporate Contact Window
  • Q&A Contact Window

2. EDM (JPEG or PNG) for recruitment/internship information, PDF files cannot be published.

3. If there are attachments, it is recommended to use PDF files.

4. We will take the initiative to request and review enterprise recruitment information, such as Business Registration Certificate or any copies/scanned files of the certificates issued by the government.

*After confirming the information is correct, our coordinator will post on the OCD website. All procedure will be completed in about 1-2 working days, and the link will be sent back to the company for confirmation after completion.

OCD contact information
Coordinator: Assistant Eshine Chen
Contact number: +886 7 525-2000 ext. 4516
Email: ocd@cm.nsysu.edu.tw