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Institute of Public Affairs Management


The Institute of Public Affairs Management was established in 1992 at National San Yat-sen University as the first institute of public affairs management in Taiwan. We are the academic unit in the College of Management that has the most in-depth understanding of public policy and public management, and we are also the most deeply involved in the community and the third sector. In the beginning, we introduced a master's program and a master's credit program, followed by a doctoral program in 1998 and a in-service master's program in 1999. In addition, to help cultivate talents for public affairs management in the offshore islands, we set up a master's credit program in Penghu in 1999 and expanded it to a in-service master's program in 2003. We had also offered a credit program in Kinmen from 1999 to 2003.

  • Interdisciplinary learning

    In Institute of Public Affairs Management at NSYSU, by taking required fundamental courses and multi-disciplinary elective courses, students learn how the public, private, and third sector work together in solving complicated and interrelated social problems with the expertise and experience of multi-stakeholders and sectors.

  • Innovation

    At the Institute of Public Affairs Management at NSYSU, students can grasp the innovative strategies and practical experience of public governance both domestically and internationally and develop a higher-level vision and more professional imagination through internships and visits to the domestic and international non-profit organizations, communities, governments and enterprises, as well as the introduction of professional faculty from the industry.

  • Practice

    The internship course, different from individual internships in public agencies and enterprises, allows students to participate in practical work as a team in responding to public issues and challenges in the community/civil society, and develop practical skills such as teamwork, leadership, expression and communication, creativity, and diverse local caring.


  • 1992 Master's program : The first graduate school with the title of public affairs in Taiwan
  • 1998 Doctoral program : The first doctoral program in Taiwan with the title of public affairs
  • 1999 In-service master's program First in-service master's program established in Kaohsiung and Penghu respectively

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