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The Institute of Marketing Communication


Institute of Marketing Communication was established in 1997 in the College of Management of Sun Yat-sen University as an independent research institute, with Professor Ting-peng Liang as the first director. We are the first institute in Taiwan to integrate communications and management with the objectives to integrate three fields: media management, communications technologies and policies, and marketing and public relations. Over the years, we have focused on cultivating outstanding talents with both academic skills in communications and practical skills in management, and we are currently the only institute of marketing communications that combines the study of communications and marketing management among all national universities, and our students are granted a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree upon graduation. Since 2002, the Institute has started offering in-service master's program and has become a major center for continuing education and further study for practitioners in the communications industry in Southern Taiwan. The name of the Institute was officially changed to "Institute of Marketing Communication" in the 2014 academic year. To meet the trends of industry development, we hope to cultivate more professional and top-notch marketing and communications management professionals.


  • Internationalization

    We actively encourage our students to participate in the International Exchange Program in the College of Management in order to strengthen our internationalization and expand the global perspective of our faculty and students, and to support the overall academic and practical international programs of the College of Management. The program offers our students a one-semester exchange program to study at one of the College of Management's sister schools without additional tuition fee and with a number of scholarships for overseas study. Currently, about three to five students participate in the program every school year.

  • Informatization

    The internship program, the Electronic Commerce Times (ECT), is designed to allow students to learn about digital media management in response to the modern demand for instantaneous and rapid access to information, and to gain an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in production, distribution and promotion, as well as content creation and publishing of digital newspaper. The establishment of this internship system not only enables students to improve their academic knowledge during the two years of study at the Institute but also allows the students to expand their global perspective. Currently, all of our master's degree students are working as reporters for the e-commerce newspaper to develop their understanding of new technologies and industry trends and to sharpen their writing skills, hence they are favored by multimedia journalism and marketing industry and later successfully enter these industries.

  • Practice opportunities

    The new multimedia room, completed in the 2006 academic year, is equipped with the latest multimedia computers, an audio-visual editing system, and a web-based audio- visual broadcasting server. The multimedia room allows students to perform non-linear multimedia editing and enables teachers to teach practical courses in audio-visual and multimedia. We cooperate with marketing media and related organizations to provide students with problem-solving oriented internship opportunities in summer. Students can develop their thesis topics and research from the experience, which also contributes to their career planning and development after graduation. Currently, our master's students can be assigned to work in media-related industries during the summer vacation before their second school year according to their wishes.

  • Specialization

    Students can plan their own academic specialization according to their interests and tailor their courses in the areas of Digital Marketing and Social and Cultural Marketing. In class, teachers lead students to analyze the current problems in marketing communications and train them to use their professional knowledge and skills to plan and provide solutions to achieve the best marketing communications result.

  • Online education

    All of our courses are extensively and fully integrated with Sun Yat-sen Cyber University and ready for online teaching and project-based interaction. This feature enables students to complete various learning tasks in the physical and virtual campus and classroom.

  • Cross-disciplinary programs

    Our students can join a variety of programs in the College of Management to expand their fields of study. Currently, the College of Management offers a number of programs, including International Business Management, E-Commerce, Financial Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Information Society, International Business Management and so on.


  • 1997 Master's program : : The first independent institute in a national university to combine the fields of communication and management in Taiwan
  • 2002 In-service master's program : In-service master's program in the Institute established
  • 2014 Regular and in-service master's programs : : The Institute was officially renamed Institute of Marketing Communication, providing Regular and in-service master's programs

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