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CM DB System

The purpose of establishing the College of Management Data Base System (CM DB System) - Faculty Performance Indicators is to collect the most complete performance record of our faculty members so that the data can be used for the members' personal use, departmental performance statistics, and the presentation of international accreditation performance. The current database is imported from NSYSU's University Profile Indicator System (NSUSY Profile System).

Since the information in the NSYSU's Profile System is not the most comprehensive record of your academic research, please validate the data of your basic information and the following performance categories one by one when you first use the CM DB System:

  • Faculty Profile
  • Journal Articles
  • Conference Papers
  • Projects
  • Patents
  • Intellectual Property and its Related Uses
  • Books and Chapters
  • Case Studies
  • Online-Teaching Resources
  • Thesis Advised
  • Overseas Lectures

In the future, we will regularly import teachers' 12 forms each year, and another 9 forms, such as EI, TSSCI, conference papers, etc., will require help from teachers to fill out. You can fill out the forms at any time, but it is recommended that the current year's data is filled out no later than March of the following year in order to pass it back to the university's database. We will import the data submitted by the teachers in our CM DB System into the university's database so that the data (such as teacher evaluations) can be used as the basis for the university's evaluation of teachers, and the departments and teachers in the College will not need to submit the data again.

College of Management Data Base System

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