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Institute of Human Resources Management


Since the establishment of the Institute of Human Resource Management by Professor Ying-Zhong Huang on August 1, 1993, the Institute has been a leader in the field of human resource management in Taiwan. The Institute's efforts to enhance students' global perspective, practical experience, language skills, and competitiveness for future employment are evident in the performance of our students in international exchange programs, summer internship programs, and training in first and second foreign languages. In the 2021 Eduniversal ranking in the field of human resources, we were ranked first in Taiwan and seventh in the Far East, which once again demonstrates that our efforts have been recognized internationally.

We are committed to our mission of "raising the academic standard in the field of human resources management" and "nurturing human resources professionals with professional knowledge and global perspectives", and we continuously invest in academic research in human resources and strictly train our students to improve their abilities. In addition, with a heart of giving back, we offer various continuing education courses and HR practice courses, and we also organize various lectures and international academic seminars while enhancing our efforts in corporate practice research.

In order to fully carry out our mission and to make human resource management flourish in the academic and corporate sectors, we started the first doctoral program in 1998 and the in-service master's program in 1999, in the hope that human resource management will become one of the main streams in the academic and corporate sectors in Taiwan. We will do our best to make good use of the resources provided by all sectors to contribute to our country and society in the future.


Outstanding academic research internationally and active promotion of international academic exchange events

Our 12 full-time faculty members from different fields of study have outstanding performance in academic research and have published their research results in SSCI and internationally renowned journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, HRM Journal, and Industrial Relations. In addition, we have hosted international seminars on human resource management with topics like APEC Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management and Economic Growth in Asia-Pacific Region, and Human Resource Management and Labor Issues across the Taiwan Strait. We have invited scholars and experts from around the world to participate, which has made considerable contributions to international academic exchanges.

Rich curriculum design

In terms of specialization of the courses, we regularly work with our faculty to offer the most up-to-date human resources courses, such as human resources data analysis, business big data analysis, R language, performance management and talent development, human resources and talent development, and human resources technology management. Our courses combine both theory and practice, inviting senior alumni to share their human resources practice with our students on a regular basis, and students are required to present reports at the end of the semester that include enterprise diagnosis and problem analysis, thus allowing students to not only accumulate human resources expertise, but also to absorb valuable practical experience during their studies.

Opportunities for students to broaden global perspectives and experience different lives

Students are required to study abroad for one semester during their studies at school in order to broaden their global perspectives and to experience different cultures and different ways of teaching and doing research in other countries. In addition, we have organized a number of visits to China, which are designed and by our teachers. The visits include visits to famous universities as well as Taiwanese and local enterprises in China. Students learn a lot from these on-site visits and seminars, which allow them to exchange views with other management schools and enterprises.

Summer research project that combines both theory and practice

Our graduate students in the master's program are required to undertake a two-month internship in an enterprise during the summer vacation between their first and second years of study. They will conduct an in-depth study and research on the problems faced by the enterprise and propose solutions as reference for the enterprise. The summer research project not only allows students to get familiar with the operation of the enterprise in advance, but also helps students to apply theory into practice so as to make contribution to the society with what they learn at school.


  • 1993 Master’s program : The first national university to establish a graduate school of human resource management in Taiwan
  • 1998 Doctoral program : The first Ph.D. program in human resources management in Taiwan
  • 1999 In-service master’s program Launch of the in-service MBA program (HRM and Asia-Pacific HRM)
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