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The all-English International Business Master of Business Administration (IBMBA) at National Sun Yat-sen’s College of Management was launched in 2005, the first all-English master’s program in the southern region of Taiwan. In the same year, we pioneered an international mobile program with universities in Austria and Canada, expanding the ACT program to three schools in three countries (in Asia, Europe and the United States). To date, we have more than 400 international business elite alumni.

In 2013, in response to the rapidly changing international environment and the rising demand for multinational competitive talents in the field of human resource management, we launched Taiwan’s first all-English Global Human Resource Management master’s program (GHRM MBA). Since 2016, the program has signed dual-degree agreements with universities in the United Kingdom, Austria, and France, with the goal of cultivating international corporate human resources professionals with cross-cultural communication and mobility.

In response to Taiwan’s 2030 Bilingual Nation plan, the all-English International Business Bachelor's Program (IBBA) is being launched in 2022. The IBBA program will create an international environment in higher education, promote bilingual education, increase students’ international mobility, familiarize them with cross-cultural work environments, and guide domestic students and students from “New Southbound” countries to use English as a common language throughout their four years of training. The design aims to cultivate management talents with cross-border mobility, solid business knowledge, and cross-cultural communication skills.

Over the years, the College of Management has received many internationally renowned professional business accreditations. In 2019, we were awarded the Eduniversal 4 Palmes of Excellence. In 2020, we were re-accredited by AACSB for the third time, recognizing the College for our internationalization and the quality of our teaching and research.


An all-English program and multi-national student body in an international learning environment: the IBMBA is the only program in Taiwan that has been ranked in the top 100 masters in management in the world by the Financial Times.

The GHRM MBA is taught in English in small classes with a 1:2 ratio of domestic to international students.

The IBBA focuses on the “3 Ms” (Mutual understanding, Mobility, and Migration of skilled labor), which is accomplished through a flexible, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach. After completing the basic business management and intercultural communication courses in the first and second years, students can choose to complete a one-year exchange abroad to a partner school that the College has agreed to cooperate with, or take two years to obtain a dual degree at a university abroad to deepen their intercultural learning and gain more experience in an intercultural environment.

We offer plentiful international partner school resources, and every student has scholarship to go abroad and the opportunity to obtain a dual degree. We also plan to arrange overseas study trips and courses related to company visits through mobile teaching in Taiwan, Shanghai, Japan, Korea and the Asia-Pacific region to connect with companies in different countries.

  • 2005 The first all-English IBMBA in southern Taiwan established
  • 2005 The first tri-country program in Taiwan (the ACT Program) in Austria, Canada and Taiwan established
  • 2013 The first all-English GHRM MBA in Taiwan established
  • 2016 Dual master’s degree agreements signed with universities in the UK, Austria, France, and the USA
  • 2021 Dual bachelor’s degree agreements signed with universities in the UK and Canada
  • 2022 Four-year EMI bachelor’s program (IBBA) established
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