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Our University Social Responsibility Policy

With economic development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important, and governments and companies have been formulating CSR policies and establishing related departments to implement them. CSR means that at the same time as creating profits, companies also need to take responsibility for internal and external stakeholders, sustainable development, corporate governance, and corporate ethics, etc. Therefore, governments and companies are gradually paying attention to ethics and environmental sustainability. In addition to the industry’s emphasis on CSR issues, global business education has also increasingly focused on ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability education in recent years. NSYSU’s College of Management aspires to be a model of business education in Asia. We are fully committed to the education and training of ethical, socially responsible and sustainable talents. We hope that through teaching, service, research and external partnerships, we can work with all walks of life to promote ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability, and take actions to create influence and implement the University Social Responsibility (hereinafter referred to as USR) of the College of Management.

Promoting social concern and influence: improving social concern and social participation, and cultivating students’ ESG social responsibility

In order to implement its University Social Responsibility, since 2018 NSYSU’s College of Management has:

  • Established the Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions (ORSA).
  • Received the Ministry of Education’s USR project, which links USRs and CSRs to contribute to the community and the environment, and to expand our social impact.
  • Published the University Social Responsibility Quarterly Report of the College of Management and the annual report every year since 2018; from 2022, we will revise the name to Sustainability Report in line with the international development trends.
  • Established that, starting in 2020, all departments should plan actions to address SDG goals as a focus of their teaching, research, and service work.
  • Included ethics and social responsibility courses as required electives in all programs starting in 2020.

Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions

Purpose: To promote activities related to environmental sustainability and social responsibility practices

College of Management Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions
Contact: 886-7-525-2000 ext. 4515
Email: orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw
Office Location: CM4091-1

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