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Foreign Guest Invitation Assistance

In order to promote internationalization and assist individual faculty members in inviting international scholars for academic exchange activities, the College has set up a designated contact person for the resources and services required for foreign guests to visit the College. This person will take up applications from faculty members of all departments for related needs (no subsidies involved).

Visiting Scholar Program Application Procedure

1. Applicable Candidates

The College or its faculty members can invite foreign scholars (including those from China) to teach or conduct research at the College. The invitation will be considered and approved by the Directors' Council.
The International Relations and Accreditation office (IRAO) will assist in matching partner departments and faculty with foreign experts and scholars who apply for admission through this platform during their sabbatical leaves.

2. Assistance in international scholars application provided via this platform

  • Assistance from the IRAO: Assist faculty members in applying for pick-ups and arranging cultural visits for visiting scholars.
  • Obligations of invited international scholars: To work with the IRAO in arranging courses and participate in exchange activities with faculty and students.

3. Period of Application

  • In order to ensure a smooth administrative process, please submit your application one month before the arrival date of the invited foreign scholars in Taiwan.
  • Due to the limited number of dormitories and the large number of applicants, if you wish to apply for a dormitory for the visiting scholars, it is recommended that you submit your application six months in advance.

4. Visiting scholar program application form for faculty members(download

Resource Application Procedures for Hosting International Scholar, College of Management

Executor Process Remark


Inviting International Scholar under MOST,
the university or the college budget
     Foreign Faculty coming for sabbatical


 Please fill out the [Resource Application Form] and tick the required resource items.

 *If you want to apply for a research laboratory, please fill in theApplication Form for Visiting Professor Research Office】    

*If you choose the International Village for accommodation, please make a reservation by phone (ext. 2376) first and ask your department to apply through the Clerical System. Please see here for the template . Due to the limited number of dormitories and the large number of applicants, those who intend to apply for dormitories are advised to apply half a year in advance.


IRAO evaluation will be sent to the Dean for approval


Contact window of the Visiting Professor Research Office- Mr. Lin #4580

Contact window for short-term guest dormitory- Ms. Fang #2376

IRAO assists in arranging school bus pick-up

IRAO assists in arranging cultural visit itineraries

One month before the foreign scholars who are invited by our full-time faculty to come to Taiwan,
The "Resource Application Form" should be filled in and sent to the International Relations and Accreditation Office (IRAO).
After IRAO has reviewed the documents, it will be submitted to the executive meeting or the international affairs meeting.
IRAO will be the coordinating window to assist in various services.

International Relations and Accreditation office

  • Phone: (07)525-2000  #4518、4519
  • E-mail: intl@cm.nsysu.edu.tw、intlcm@cm.nsysu.edu.tw
  • Location: CM4062



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