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Executive MBA


The EMBA program at the College of Management of Sun Yat-sen University was established in 1998 and is the first EMBA in Taiwan to be offered in the Southern Taiwan region. Over the years, the program has gathered the best and brightest entrepreneurs in Southern Taiwan. However, in 2005, in response to the growing trend of human resources and market convergence in the greater China region, the ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the Asia-Pacific countries, the AP-EMBA program was then launched. With years of successful EMBA experience on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, in 2011, we jointly established the "Cross-Strait Executive MBA Program (CSEMBA)" with Shanghai Tongji University EMBA to play an active role in response to the trend of high-tech network integration in Taiwan and China. Throughout the years, the EMBA program in NSYSU has nurtured more than 3,000 alumni who are managers with high potential through the exchange of industry and academia and a diverse learning environment, we have worked with companies from different industries to establish a sustainable foundation in management and achieve a win-win situation for both industry and academia.


  • We are the only EMBA program in Taiwan that has been ranked among the top 100 EMBA programs worldwide by the Financial Times.
  • We include overseas study and enterprise visits in our curriculum and offer courses related to international finance and international business management. These cross-strait mobile teaching courses taught in Kaohsiung, Taipei, Hong Kong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Shanghai (Tongji University), Japan (Waseda University), and Korea (Korea University) allow students from all over the world to communicate more closely with each other.
  • We conduct in-depth studies of the business environment and strategies of the ASEAN countries, Hong Kong, Macao, and China where Taiwanese companies congregate, in order to cultivate comprehensive and well-rounded business leaders who can adapt to the complex and changing environment.


  • 1998 Launch of the first EMBA program in southern Taiwan
  • 2005 Launch of the Asia Pacific EMBA (AP-EMBA) program
  • 2011 Joint establishment of the Cross-strait EMBA (CSEMBA) program with Shanghai Tongji University

Office Information

  • Location: CM4055
  • TEL: (07)525-2000 #4503、4504、4505
  • Email: emba@cm.nsysu.edu.tw


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