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KEDGE School of Business Double Degree Program

KEDGE Business School is one of the sister schools with College of Management which located in Marseille, France. Dual degree program was agreed by both universities and the cooperation for the dual degree starts from 2017. The program offers the opportunity for IBMBA students to study at KEDGE Business School and get the Dual Degree Diploma.
**students who went for simple exchange at KEDGE after finishing the first year of master at NSYSU cannot apply for KEDGE dual degree program because the curriculum is the same.**

School Introduction

KEDGE is one of the top Business Schools in the world. KEDGE Business School is merged by two famous Business Schools in France, Bordeaux École de Management(BEM) and Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management(EMEM). The school was accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. 
There are 6 campus of KEDGE which are located in different cities in France and China, including Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris, oulon, Suzhou, and Shanghai.

Admission Requirements

1. IBMBA Students from College of Management; up to 5 students per year from IBMBA

2. TOEFL iBT 79/ IELTS 6.0


Course Structure

The parties agree that 5 ECTS at KEDGE BS is equivalent to 3 credits at NSYSU.

Recommended Study Path for NSYSU Students

In order to obtain the Master in Management from KEDGE BS, the NSYSU students shall successfully complete:

1. Three Fundamental Courses, including Marketing Management, Managing in Complexity, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Each course is worth 5 ECTS each. KEDGE agrees to waive Finance, Human Resource Management, and Corporate Strategy due to equivalencies taken at the home institution.

KEDGE Course Equivalences

2. Six in-class elective management classes at KEDGE BS (Marseille or Bordeaux campuses), to be chosen by the student (30 ECTS total);

3. Elective ProAct group project (replaces 1 independent study at NSYSU);

4. Master thesis, NSYSU and KEDGE BS agree to recognize the thesis requirement of NSYSU as fulfillment of the thesis requirement of both institutions. NSYSU agrees to take responsibility for the supervision and final validation of the thesis, and eventual transfer of the grade to KEDGE BS. The oral defense may be conducted remotely, if necessary;

5. Six months work experience, through internship or equivalency;

6. Official TOEIC score of 785 minimum (or equivalent), if not previously submitted (non-English native speakers only);

7. Proof of validation of the master degree (IBMBA) from NSYSU.


Degree Conferred

Students who reach the requirements from both side can get dual degree:

Master in Management Diploma (Diplôme du Programme ESC Grande Ecole) from KEDGE Business School

Master of Business Administration in International Business from NSYSU



Fee Schedule

1. Tuition Fee: Registration fee for NSYSU (2 Semesters). No tuition fee for KEDGE Business School.

2. NSYSU Credit Fee: According to the amount calculated by the Registration Division, NSYSU from KEDGE transcript.

3. Transportation fee/ accommodation fee/ Insurance fee/ Travel expenses/Living Costs etc. According to the requirement by KEDGE Business School, students need to pay for the health insurance in France as well.