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College of Management Sets up Infrared Thermal Sensors to Minimize Risk of Contact and Improve Measurement Efficiency

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) has comprehensively controlled access to all buildings through a single entrance and exit and set up a temperature measurement station at all buildings since March 3. The College of Management now has two entrances, the entrance at the old College of Management building and the new College of Management building. From 8am to 7pm, epidemic prevention staff will be at the entrance to measure the body temperature of people entering the building. During the past two weeks, personnel had been using a forehead thermometer to take measurements. 
But since March 16, an infrared thermal sensor has been set up at the old College of Management building, which is close to the library side, to improve measurement efficiency and reduce the risk of contact between the disease prevention staff and the individual being measured. Beginning the same week, all faculty and students who enter the College of Management for the first time on that day should enter through the entrance at the old College of Management building, and the entrance and the exit of the new College of Management building are reserved for those who have been taken their temperature for the day.
Dean San-Yih Hwang, College of Management, NSYSU was the first to try the thermal sensor and said that the sensor could accurately pick up the temperature from a person that is 40 cm away from the sensor, which could significantly minimize the risk of close contact between the measuring staff and the individual being measured. In addition, the measurement accuracy is also comparatively less affected by the external environment. The infrared thermal sensor is also connected to a computer screen so that the individual being measured can also see the reading of their own body temperature. If the measurement exceeds 37.5 degrees C, an alarm will be generated, so that the staff on duty can quickly report the case to the Physical and Health Division, Office of Student Affairs for handling the case. 


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