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AAPBS Virtual Online Case Workshop. 4-5 June, 2020 (Free of charge, CM faculty only)

「亞太管理學院聯合會(AAPBS, Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools)*」舉辦線上且免費的case workshop on "How to Teach Cases Online”,若是對個案教學有興趣之教師,請把握時間報名、不要錯過此次難得的機會喔!(不用出國又不用調時差,免付報名費)。中山管院為AAPBS之會員,因此*管院所屬教師*皆可報名參加,請先填寫報名表單(人數限制為100人,採先搶先贏):AAPBS報名表單
6:30-8pm HKT June 4 & 5, 2020 (3 hours in total),香港時間,無須調時差或熬夜參與Video conference
1.  June 4: 6:30pm-8pm HKT, mock case teaching on Pinduoduo
2.  June 5: 6:30pm-8pm HKT, online case teaching techniques and discussion  
*「亞太管理學院聯合會(AAPBS, Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools)*」 , 成立於2004年,是非盈利的管理學院組織,強調區域性之企業管理研究,以促進優質企管教育、培育亞太企業家為主要目標。目前,成員遍及亞太區的數十多個國家,超過上百所學校參與。這個組織當時是韓國KAIST創辦的,每年有固定的年會(通常在年底),還會有學術論壇(通常是四月份);本次的線上Case Workshop是第一次舉辦。
Dear AAPBS Members,
As we are experiencing this disrupted COVID-19 period, AAPBS wants to continue to serve our members with contents/events that are related to most of us are going through at this moment.  
This free virtual case workshop on ’How to Teach Cases Online” will provide AAPBS members. It is first-come, first-served basis.
We are honored have Prof. Bill Schiano to conduct the workshop for us who is a frequent-invited facilitator for Harvard Business School Case Workshops. 
AAPBS highly appreciate HKUST Thompson Case Center Case Studies to make is happened.
Description of the workshop:
Participants will prepare a business case study, and in the first of two workshop sessions, engage in a synchronous discussion of the case in a videoconference.
The discussion will include modeling of a wide range of techniques for facilitating productive online case discussions. In the second of the two sessions, the group will debrief the case discussion, exploring the teaching plan used for the case discussion, the impact of various techniques employed in the discussion, and other aspects of online case teaching, and how participants can incorporate them in their own courses.
Topics covered will include:
• Engaging students effectively
• Facilitating constructive discussions
• Making the most of videoconferencing technology
• Strategies for managing an online case course
• Tips for becoming more efficient when teaching online
6:30-8pm HKT June 4 & 5, 2020 (3 hours in total)
² June 4: 6:30pm-8pm HKT, mock case teaching on Pinduoduo
² June 5: 6:30pm-8pm HKT, online case teaching techniques and discussion
Bill Schiano is Professor of Computer Information Systems at Bentley University where he has developed and taught graduate courses in software project management, enterprise architecture, design for business, information systems management, and e-commerce, and undergraduate courses in risk management, web development, and e-commerce. He is a former Director of Bentley’s Master of Science in Information Technology program. Professor Schiano has also taught at Aalto University, Tias School for Business and Society, Norwegian Business School, Hult International Business School, and the Asian Institute of Management, and regularly facilitates faculty seminars on traditional classroom and online case teaching for Harvard Business Publishing on the Harvard Business School campus and at leading business schools around the world. He teaches both managerial and technical courses exclusively using discussion and case method, and has done so in traditional classroom, purely online, and hybrid formats. Professor Schiano is an avid experimenter with technology that supports case teaching.
Professor Schiano’s research, consulting, and executive education teaching focus on the role and management of information systems in organizations. He has authored several Harvard Business School cases in information systems and finance. Professor Schiano has published numerous academic journal articles on topics including information systems security, architecture, and ethics, and was a co-author of Teaching with Cases: A Practical Guide and Cyberlaw: Text and Cases. He has an AB in Economics from Williams College and Doctorate in Information Systems from Harvard Business School.
Prerequisite reading for June 4:
Pinduoduo - Feng Zhu, Krishna G. Palepu, Bonnie Yining Cao, Dawn Lau
To Register:
*This case workshop is free of charge in order to serve our AAPBS members.
*Only AAPBS members can register.
*Pre-registration is required: MAX Limit: 100 people, first-come first served.
Your will receive the confirmation and the link to the case work shop 1 week prior to the workshop.
If you do not access to the google forms, please fill out the attached file and reply to us.
We do recommend to use the google for accuracy.
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