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【Interview】IBMBA 102 Alumni Tran Ngoc Lam

"National Sun Yat-sen University is a top university in Taiwan, and obtaining a diploma from this university is a huge advantage for me in landing a job after graduation.", said Tran Ngoc Lam (Woody), our alumni from IBMBA 102. 
Woody is from Vietnam. He is currently working as an salesperson at AWOT Global Logistics Company in Hanoi, Vietnam. His hobbies are reading books related to Economy or Philosophy, going to the gym and swimming. 
Asking about Woody's IBMBA studying experiences at National Sun Yat-sen University, he had seeked suggestions from friends and relatives and his cousin introduced him to NSYSU . His cousin had studied at NSYSU and gave him the advice to choose IBMBA. She believed that IBMBA was the most suitable program for Woody since IBMBA tuition fee was affordable and the learning environment was excellent, also the local people always show great hospitality to international students in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  
As a student who did not have a business learning background before entering the IBMBA program, Woody was struggling with some foundation courses, such as economy, statistics, and accounting. Thanks to the devoted teaching of professors and helpful friends, Woody could finally overcome his difficulties and achieved outstanding results. He also mentioned that spending more times in the university library is also a good way to gain more knowledge and be able to keep up with the lesson progress in classes. NSYSU library has a treasure which included thousand books, newspapers and other supplementary papers in variety topics, a reader could look for any item by the catalogue.
Sharing about the field trips experiences that Woody had while taking the IBMBA program, he said: "we usually had two or more fields trip each semester. In class, I learned so much that theoretical knowledge and field trips were a good opportunity for me to apply the knowledge. For each field trip, we had the opportunities to work with the local businesses, talked with the company's CEO or managers, practice real business cases, and make more networks." Woody saw these activities as a stepping stone for his future career.
After Woody graduated from the IBMBA program, he spent one more year at NSYSU to strengthen his Chinese proficiency at the Chinese Language Center. Being fluent in the local language, Woody was able to get a job in Taichung and worked for three years before coming back to Vietnam.
Talking about the job interview experience in Taiwan, Woody said “ the IBMBA, NSYSU degree did helped me to have more chances to receive job opportunities. Most companies recognize NSYSU as one of the top universities in Taiwan and graduates are diligence and potential candidate. Not only at the workplace, in daily life, whenever Woody mentioned that he graduated from NSYSU, people give him much admiration.
Woody would like to offer three advices to both our international and local students. The first thing is to strengthen Chinese ability if international students seek further career development in Taiwan. Being fluent in the local language will help students in the workplace and daily life. Making good use of all the facilities in NSYSU is the second important thing. NSYSU provides students everything that a student should have, from high-quality academic courses to extraordinary campus life, so make sure that you utilize those resources. Lastly, Woody said it is essential to stay healthy. NSYSU has all the facilities that can help students stay strong and well, such as a gym, running field, swimming pool, tennis course, it is all welcome.

Interviewee: Tran Ngoc Lam
Class: IBMBA102
Finalized by Alex Dang

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