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Recommendation of Exceptional Doctoral Dissertation(till 10/30)

Attached are the guidelines and appendix for  Recommendation of Exceptional Doctoral Dissertation. Please see the guideline listed below and apply with required documents with favored rankings (if applicable).
Short briefing:
1.     Accepting applications according to the NSYSU Regulations of Exceptional Doctoral Dissertation Reward (Appendix 2), and The College of Management Recommendation of Exceptional Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines (Appendix 4).
2.     Time: Please submit the files before 5 pm, October 30th  for further processes.
3.     Required documents: Recommendation form (Appendix 5), list of the recommended student’s publication and electronic files of published articles (in recognizing related information such as issue number, order of authors etc.), cover page of dissertation.
4.     Coordinator: Ms. Chuang. Ext. #4526
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