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Digital Marketing Foundations From LinkedIn Learning: Precise and Concise Online Course On the Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Learning offers people a plethora of insightful courses that you can access through the comforts of your home. From data science to marketing and programming, LinkedIn Learning covers a wide range of subjects. ‘Digital Marketing Foundations’ is one of the most acclaimed marketing courses on LinkedIn Learning. Through this relatively short course, you’ll learn to figure out your target audience, and other useful marketing practices like SEO, digital ads, and social media.

Digital Marketing Foundations: Course Details

The course is provided by Brad Batesole, Marketing Thought Leader and Chief Learning Officer at Madecraft. Through a step-by-step process, Brad Batesole covers all the essentials to help your brand stand out, engage with potential customers and adapt to the current trends.

Through this course, Brad Batesole discusses the building blocks of marketing and helps you define your value proposition, pinpoint your target market, and establish your goals and KPIs. He also discusses how customers evaluate the entirety of a brand’s online presence, choosing a marketing channel, website optimization, and making the best use of SEO, paid advertising, and social media to aid your target audience find your brand. Moreover, you’ll also learn to develop an email marketing plan and get started with video marketing, and make marketing reports. A certificate is also provided after completion of the course.

Course Length And Cost

The course lasts approximately 2 hours and 9 minutes. You can take this course for free with a one-month free trial. LinkedIn Learning subscriptions can cost 769 NTD per month for the annual subscription and 1139 NTD for a one-month subscription.

To access the course, you can click ‘here’. However, you’ll need a LinkedIn account to access the content.

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