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【College of Management】 Academic Research Funding— Research Team Funding

Article 3.    Research Team Funding

To enhance the College’s competitiveness in academia, the College will fund a research team formed by two or more full-time faculty members from the College NT$ 40,000 for the use of hiring temporary worker(s) or business expense(s) per faculty per year upon review and approval of the application. The application must enclose a project proposal and a statement of the proposed project is not any research team member’s MOST-granted research project. The funded research team is required to attend academic sharing session to share the research results.  Each faculty is limited to two projects per calendar year. Each project must include different research team member(s).
Faculty who apply according to Article 3 shall enclose project proposal to the College office after the application announcement in each semester, the funding will be granted upon approval by Directors' Council.

Please submit the files before noon April 15th for further processes.
Coordinator: Ms. Chuang. Ext. #4526
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