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【College of Management】 Academic Research Funding— Conference and Seminar Funding

Article 2. Conference and Seminar Funding

The College will grant the conference and seminar funding to faculty who has applied and received subsidy for holding academic conference or seminar according to one of the following two restrictions:
1.      Applicant must apply to the University’s Office of Research and Development in accordance with the “National Sun Yat-sen University Guidelines for Academic Activity Subsidies”
2.      Applicant must apply to the Ministry of Science and Technology in accordance with the “Instructions for Funding of the Holding of International Academic Conferences in Taiwan”, the “Guidelines for Cross-Strait Technological Research Seminar Subsidies”, the “Guidelines for National Academic Institute Hosting Academic Events”, and in accordance with the “Guidelines for Domestic Academic Seminar Subsidies”

The faculty is required to also enclose the event proposal (including the budget table) to the College. The College will fund for event expenses based on the higher grant between 1. and 2. The maximum amount of subsidy will be NT$300,000. 
Electronic copies of the research paper(s) presented at the academic conference or seminar should be enclosed to the College after the event.

Coordinator: Ms. Chuang, Ext. #4526

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