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EFMD Upskill’s Top Core-Job Ready Courses


EFMD Global Career Services offers users exclusive webinars, events, and job offers from across the globe. To access any EFMD content, you need to open an account. For this, you’ll have to use the email provided by NSYSU (e.g., xxxxxxxxxx@student.nsysu.edu.tw). After that, you can access the EFMD portal by clicking on ‘here.' 

Being well-versed with software such as Microsoft Excel, Google Slides and Google forms is a necessity for virtually any position. At EFMD Upskill, you’ll find access to various core job-ready skills designed to give a boost to your career. Here are some of them: 

Spreadsheets For Beginners Using Google Sheets 

Source: efmdglobal.gethighered.global

During this 2-hour project-based course, you'll learn about spreadsheets and how to use them. Google Sheets, which is a free spreadsheet program that Google gives out, will be utilized in this course. As a side note, most of the things you'll learn in this project will be useful in other spreadsheet programs, like Excel.

A hands-on approach will be used to cover the following:

- Basic data entry, formatting and calculations 

- Relative and absolute cell references 

- Basic functions: concatenate, split, sum, average, median, min, max, count, counta 

- Advanced functions: vlookup, if, and, or, iferror, countif, countifs, averageif, averageifs, sumif, sumifs 

- Dealing with error messages 

- Conditional formatting 

- Filtering and sorting 

- Basic charts to visualize our data

The course is conducted in English and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. You can check it out by clicking ‘here’. 

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