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【IBMBA】Speech - Decision making in social impact work in Asia Pacific



On Friday, May 20th, the students in the class of Corporate Decision Analysis welcomed a guest speaker with a very interesting and informative lecture on “Decision making in social impact work in Asia Pacific”. Ms. Huong Vo, the guest speaker, has 12 years of working experience in both private and public sectors, including 7 years researching economic and social issues in the Asia-Pacific region. She is the recipient of the Pacific Trade and Development (PAFTAD) Fellowship for Young Scholars from Australia National University and the National University of Singapore's Asian Graduate Student Fellowship. Besides, she featured as a leading ASEAN woman by the Young Southeast Asia Leader’s Initiative (YSEALI) Women’s Leadership Academy Alumni Network. In terms of academic activities, she has publications with the Journal of Asian Economics, the Singapore Economic Review, ADBI Publications, the Economist, and the East Asia Forum.

During the class, Ms. Huong Vo shared with students about the job contents of a research advisor (consultant) and the importance of research advisor in Decision making of an organization. Besides, she instructed and discussed with students on two case studies of decision making in social impact consulting. Lastly, the guest speaker presented about how to become a development (social impact) consultant for those who want to immerse themselves in this field. 

In the case study 1, Ms. Huong Vo emphasized the importance of audience insights before planning any campaign. Clearly, it’s crucial to know your audience before making any decisions. With the practical evidence and example from her previous research projects, students can imagine how the reality is and how theoretical knowledge can be applied in the practical campaigns. In the second case study, “So, what’s next?”. When your campaign has concluded, time to decide what is next. With an exhaustive process of conducting and implementing a project in Asia Pacific in relation to social impact, the second case study attracted a lot of interaction among participants. 

Last but not least, from her experience, Ms. Huong Vo provided a guideline for those who want to become a development (social impact) consultant. With the pros (Opportunity, Flexibility, benefits, contributions to society,) and cons (challenging, working opportunities in developed countries, the importance of strong technical skills,...). In addition, the guest speaker advised students on some elements in preparation to become a research consultant: Building your credentials-Skills, Building your credentials-Experience, and Marketing yourself.

With an open mindset and willingness to share, both professor, guest speaker, and students enjoyed discussing and talking about their concerns and interests in terms of the topics as well as prospect of the consultant career that most of the students in this class expect to be in the future.

(Written by Tuan Duong Nguyen)

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