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【College of Management Micro-Credit Courses】 The course “Big Data Case Studies” had a diversified industry-academic lineup, a win-win cooperation!

This year's "Big Data Case Studies" course involved participation by as many as 10 companies, spanning the diverse fields of marketing, food and beverage, entertainment, beauty, and banking. The course is also the last step of the "Big Data Analytics for Business: Cross-Domain Smart Innovation" micro-curriculum program, which provides students with the opportunity to participate in real-life projects and apply countless real market data and data science techniques to the business world. As the former project host, Professor San-Yih Hwang made an exciting opening statement: “This is the third year of the data case study course. We have learned a lot from the companies in the past two years, and this year, the list of participating companies is larger and more diverse than in previous years, so we hope to stimulate more creativity and performance from the students.”


Professor Yung-Jan Cho, responsible for the Business Big Data Platform, had this to say: “Many companies are now facing an atmosphere of digital transformation, which has created a need for data scientists. Big data analysis starts from data collection, cleaning, modeling, and prediction, and then the next step is business data analysis. We need to do strategy simulation, optimization, and decision making in order to really help companies. This is also the goal of NSYSU’s College of Management’s big data: to cultivate managers with data analysis abilities.”


A wide range of companies participated in the micro-credit course, including E7PLAY (活力悠活), Five Star Hot Pot (五鮮級), Niou Amaze (紐奇肌), and Master Fong (方師傅點心). From the financial technology industry, Taishin Bank (台新銀行) and O-Bank (王道銀行) also participated. Business Big Data also cooperated with Nissan, China Motor Corporation (中華汽車), and Mirai Business Research Institute (未來流通研究所).

E7PLAY began the class information sharing session. E7PLAY is an indoor sports playground entertainment company that focuses on an “all you can play” one-ticket, money-saving and time-saving consumer experience. The cooperation during the course with NSYSU aims to enhance the implementation of the membership system and the designation of peak hours through the use of customer information, as well as to introduce individual service strategies for popular groups and off-peak hours. Five Star Hot Pot is a well-known national chain of hot pot restaurants with a total of 47 branches from Donggang to Zhubei. In the course, the company also provides information on the number of people in the store and the sales of popular combinations at each time of the day, and the course participants collaborate to provide suggestions for the company's strategy in terms of operation and branding. The new skincare company Niou Amaze, established in 2019, aims to integrate various digital marketing data to enhance their understanding of users' preferences and marketing performance. Specializing in pastries and souvenirs, Master Fong has been established for 29 years, but it was only in the last year that it officially introduced an app, hoping to strengthen customer loyalty through the help of data analysis.

In financial technology, we are again cooperating with Taishin Bank and O-Bank, which we have already cooperated with in the past. Taishin has always been committed to identifying and solving customer problems through new technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. This time, students are expected to collect external data, combine it with the company’s internal data, and conduct a comprehensive exploration and analysis to find out the dynamics of the financial development industry. O-Bank provided various financial transaction data, hoping to find out the key to the overall service and customer adhesion. In addition, O-Bank believes that practical exercises are very important, so it gives many opportunities to let students work with theoretical evidence, and also provides internship programs to motivate students.

Mirai Business Research Institute, which specializes in retail, e-commerce, logistics and other distribution industries, began the sharing of the business data group. In the past, the companies provided the data internally, but this time, students have to collect comprehensive data of the three major e-commerce companies in Taiwan to analyze the competition for “specific markets” and draw an overview of the industry map. The first collaboration in the automobile industry to present was China Motor Corporation. Their project will provide sales information for different brands and product lines of automobiles, allowing students to forecast the sales market and optimize their existing forecasting system. The last company to present was Nisson. Their project focused on the internal company, aiming to predict which employees had the potential to be promoted to supervisors. They provide relevant personnel information, hoping to find out the characteristics of current employees that are related to their potential and to efficiently invest training resources to improve the company's production capacity.


At the end of the event, College of Management Professor Chi-Cheng Wu said: “In this course, input from the companies is the key to the success of the project. This year, in addition to the expansion of partner companies, a number of partner companies that had worked with our students in the past were selected in order to increase the smoothness of communication.” In addition, it is important to understand the attributes of each company, the content of cooperation and the domain knowledge of the industry, which was the purpose of the course presentation session. It is also important to see the diverse issues that companies bring to the table for industry-academia collaboration and to see the different applications of business analysis.

(Written by Chu-Hsiu Cheng, MBA in Information Management student/Edited by the College of Management)

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