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【College of Management】2022 College of Management Doctoral Reception Interdisciplinary Learning, International Exchange, and Cooperation

The College of Management and the Management Studies Research Center of National Sun Yat-sen University hosted the first “2022 Doctoral Reception” on December 2 in Tian Yong Hall on the 11th floor of the Library Building. Doctoral students from different fields of various departments of the College of Management participated in the event, as well as many professors of the College.

The Dean of the College of Management, Shu-chuan Jennifer Yeh, mentioned that she hoped the College could learn from Harvard University and Stanford University and hold events every semester to promote exchange between faculty and students, as well as to stimulate the possibility of further interdisciplinary academic cooperation, so that the College of Management could move towards a more international development.

The Director of the Management Studies Research Center, NSYSU, and Institute of Human Resource Management Professor Pao-Lien Chen said she was very glad to see the presence of the professors and PhD students. She welcomed them to come and study at the College of Management and hoped that both professors and students would gain a lot from the exchange activities. Dr. Wanda Sung-hwa Tseng, who has been the Chair Professor of the ACT Global Business Management Program since 2014 and was formerly the Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Asia Pacific Department, interacted frequently with PhD students from different departments and created a lively atmosphere.

In addition, Department of Finance Professor Shih-sian Chang and Department of Business Management Professors Feng-chang Huang and Tsung-Lin Tsai all participated in the conference and discussed research and trends with the students. In addition, I-hang Tsai, a PhD student in the Department of Information Management, also generously shared his research direction with the audience and expressed that his research lab is currently cooperating with manufacturers. He hopes that more people from the College of Management can participate in the future.

The entire 2022 College of Management Doctoral Reception had a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While enjoying the delicious food, the faculty and students shared their current research and future trends and had lively discussions.

More event highlights can be found at: https://reurl.cc/916L6a

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