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[IBBA] Finding Your Spark **Subject: AIT Kaohsiung Public Affairs Officer Nelson Wen Speaks to National Sun Yat-sen University's College of Management Students**

Written by IBMBA Sherry Wu

On the afternoon of November 24, the College of Management at National Sun Yat-sen University hosted a special lecture featuring American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Kaohsiung Branch Office Public Affairs Officer Nelson Wen. Invited to address the students of the International Business Bachelor Program(IBBA), Mr. Wen delivered an engaging and insightful speech.

Assuming his position as AIT Kaohsiung Public Affairs Officer in July 2023, Mr. Wen's lecture centered around his diplomatic career and the topic of "Finding Your Spark." His presentation encompassed anecdotes from his diplomatic journey, the missions and work of the U.S. State Department, and words of encouragement and hope for the freshmen present.

Throughout the discourse, Mr. Wen shared insights into fostering one's passion within the field of diplomacy and shed light on the objectives and focal points of the AIT. Emphasizing the significance of cultural exchange and media outreach in strengthening U.S.-Taiwan relations, he urged students to actively seek what they are passionate about and courageously pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Within his speech, Mr. Wen not only divulged snippets of his diplomatic endeavors but also provided a wealth of information regarding studying abroad, inspiring the university freshmen present. He expressed his hope for increased engagement between the students and the AIT, be it through internships or opportunities for studying abroad.

Additionally, Mr. Wen revealed his passion for travel, languages, and culture, sharing his dual persona as a fervent enthusiast of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music, alongside his hobby as a history buff. He shared a favorite quote of his: "Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out the real you. The brilliant, passionate you, that's ready to contribute something meaningful into this world." encouraging students to explore their genuine passions.

The lecture not only provided valuable insights and inspiration within the field of diplomacy but also deepened the audience's understanding and expectations of cultural exchange and cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan.

This lecture event is part of the College of Management's commitment to integrating academia with practical knowledge, enriching student learning experiences. We look forward to more such opportunities in the future, providing students with exposure to invaluable industry insights and fascinating life stories.









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