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[IBBA] Blockchain, Management, and Smart Contracts


  On November 30th, Dr. Guych Nuryyev from I-Shou University delivered an insightful lecture to the first-year IBBA class at NSYSU. His talk, centered on "Blockchain, Management, and Smart Contracts," offered undergraduate students a foundational understanding of these cutting-edge topics in accounting, finance, and management, drawing from his expertise in energy economics, financial management, blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency.

  Dr. Guych began the session with an example which simplified the concept of blockchain for the students. He progressively delved into more complex aspects, including public ledger transactions and the structure of blockchain networks centralized, decentralized, and distributed peer-to-peer highlighting their immutable nature. This part of the lecture was enriched with practical demonstrations of block transactions.

  A significant portion of the discussion focused on the integration of blockchain in accounting. Dr. Guych expertly explained this integration, touching upon the managerial perspective of blockchain and presenting data on firms' investments in digital currency payments. The lecture became highly interactive as students posed questions about cryptocurrencies, gaining deeper insights through Dr. Guych's responses.

  A highlight of the event was the hands-on session on smart contracts. Dr. Guych guided the students through the creation of a smart contract, actively solving problems alongside them. This interactive approach not only made the complex subject more accessible but also fostered a collaborative learning environment.

  Dr. Guych's engaging and informative approach, coupled with his encouragement for active participation, significantly enhanced the learning experience. His lecture left the IBBA students with valuable knowledge of blockchain and smart contracts, particularly in the realms of accounting and management. Dr. Guych Nuryyev's role as a captivating and inspiring speaker was well-received.





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