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[IBBA] Global Economic Insight Unveiled: College of Management IBBA Hosts Professor AnAn Chiu for Exclusive Lecture

Written by IBMBA Sherry Wu

The International Business Bachelor Program (IBBA) at the esteemed College of Management was privileged to welcome Professor AnAn Chiu, from Feng Chia University, as the distinguished guest lecturer. The event, held on 2023/12/08, marked a significant milestone in the academic calendar, providing an exclusive opportunity for students to gain unparalleled insights into the imminent economic landscape for 2024.

Professor Chius thought-provoking lecture, titled "The Global Economic Outlook for 2024," served as a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted factors poised to shape the global economy in the upcoming year. The lecture, conducted as part of the IBBA's Introduction to International Business course, offered an in-depth analysis of critical geopolitical events and their profound impact on various economic facets, including commodities markets, inflation rates, and global central bank policies.

Throughout the engaging session, Professor Chiu meticulously elucidated the implications of geopolitical tensions such as the Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine conflicts, offering attendees a profound understanding of how these geopolitical upheavals reverberate across global economic landscapes.

Furthermore, the lecture meticulously addressed the intricate challenges stemming from China's slow real estate market recovery juxtaposed with the evolving dynamics of fiscal support in a post-COVID-19 era. Professor Chiu's expert analysis comprehensively highlighted potential hurdles that could potentially shape the global economic trajectory in 2024. The climax of the lecture featured an illuminating discussion surrounding the International Monetary Fund's forecast, predicting a potential decrease in average global inflation in the upcoming year. This offered attendees a valuable glimpse into the potential trends and developments anticipated in the global economy.

Reflecting on the event, Wu Meng Hsuan, the Teaching Assistant of the Introduction to International Business course, expressed profound gratitude, stating, "Hosting Professor AnAn Chiu was an extraordinary privilege, significantly enriching our students' understanding of the intricate global economic landscape. The lecture was an invaluable opportunity for attendees to gain deep insights into both the challenges and opportunities that await us in the forthcoming economic climate." The event was attended by all the IBBAs freshmen, receiving commendation for its informative content and engaging discourse, leaving an indelible impression on all participants.







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