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《International Program_SA Event》Catching Waves & Making Memories: An Exciting Water Sports Event

On the 15th of October, 2023, the Student Association of International Programs at NSYSU hosted a thrilling activity for IBMBA and GHRM students. The primary aim of this event was to promote physical activity, which the Student Association deems crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Watersports events like this offer students not only relaxation but also an enjoyable way to connect with classmates.

However, there was an unexpected twist.

The initial plan was to have everyone try SUP and Kayaking, but due to strong waves, the organizers had to switch to plan B: body surfing.

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Despite the shift, the experience remained memorable. The NSYSU Marine Sports Center supplied all body surfing equipment, and experienced instructors guided the students. Many were eager to try an activity they hadn't tried before.

The event buzzed with energy as students cheered their peers facing the waves. Captivating photos captured students reveling in the thrill of the surf. This gathering also fostered new friendships and deepened existing ones through shared experiences.

The day concluded with delicious sandwiches for everyone. Many expressed appreciation to the organizers for such an engaging event.

"I had an incredible time," remarked a student. "Body surfing was a first for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll surely return for more." The event's success was evident, with many students already anticipating similar future activities.

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The event underscored the significance of balancing physical endeavors with academic responsibilities. In our fast-paced era, it's vital to allocate time for pursuits that bolster physical and mental health. Such events allow students to unwind and release pressure, enhancing their academic performance.

Engaging in activities that foster physical and mental health can elevate students' efficiency, innovation, and overall academic output. This watersports event emphasized the synergy of physical activities and academic studies, offering students a platform to socialize and discover shared passions.

In summary, IBMBA and GHRM MBA students at NSYSU relished the watersports event on October 15. Even with the change in activities, the event resonated with success, leaving students with cherished memories and strengthened bonds. The gathering highlighted the value of mixing academic work with health-promoting activities. The NSYSU Marine Sports Center has undoubtedly become a favored spot for students seeking exhilaration and adventure. Furthermore, this event has motivated the SA team to continue designing events that foster enduring connections.

(Photographor: Morgan Yan)

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