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《112-1 SA Event》Exploring Heritage: IBMBA and GHRM-MBA Students Delve into Hakka Culture in Meinong

On a recent culture trip, students from the IBMBA and GHRM-MBA programs at NSYSU's College of Management embarked on an enlightening journey to explore the rich Hakka heritage in Meinong. The adventure began at 2 pm, with students gathering at the corner coffee shop, eagerly awaiting the shuttle bus that would take them into the heart of Hakka culture.

As they traveled, the students were gradually fascinated by the unique charm of Meinong, a town well known for its preservation of Hakka traditions. A key feature of this trip was the interactive experiences in traditional Hakka crafts and activities, allowing the students to engage directly with the culture.

There were several engaging activities, especially the crafting of traditional Hakka umbrellas. Guided by experienced artisans, the students embraced the art of umbrella making, putting their own creativity into each piece of work. The resulting umbrellas were vibrant and richly patterned, expressing both artistic designs and the connection with Hakka ethos.

In another immersive session, students learned the process of making traditional Hakka green tea in detail. They learned the journey of tea leaves, from cultivation, and thriving, all the way to the grinding process, turning them into a fine, aromatic powder. This process provided a tangible link to the historical and cultural importance of tea in Hakka culture.

Throughout the day, the atmosphere was vibrant with laughter and the forging of new bonds, highlighting the unity and diversity among the students, as everyone got different perspectives and learnings from the trip, yet they were happy to share and communicate with each other. This excursion was more than a cultural visit; it was a dynamic space for cross-cultural interaction and learning.