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[Honor] Alumni are awarded for the "2023 Top 10 Global Agile CEO Awards"


In an unprecedented event, Taiwan has launched the inaugural "Global Top 10 Agile CEO Awards", a prestigious recognition for CEOs who have made significant contributions to the principles and practices of Agile thinking. This annual award selects ten of the world's most outstanding Agile CEOs, showcasing their exemplary achievements in Agile practices. It also aims to foster the application of Agile thinking in corporate management and individual skills, encouraging organizations and administrative units to adopt Agile project management and establish a global benchmark for businesses and CEOs.

The "Top 10 Global Agile CEO Awards" originated from Taiwan and set sail internationally, adopting the Scrum project approach. The first Scrum Ambassador in Taiwan Dr. Roger Chou, the initiator of the award, served as the Product Owner, leading a 40-member volunteer team over a 10-week period. The team documented their journey with an Agile Scrum diary, capturing inspiring moments.

The first 'Global Top 10 Winners Agile CEO Awards.' recognized Casper Chen, Chih-Hsien Shih, Chris Li, Flora Hu, Hsin-Jung Lin, Hsueh-Chien Teng, Shinyi Lin, Vicky Wei, Wei chung Lin, Wei-ming Ma, and five excellent executives Chao-Ming Fu, Chi Tsung Chang, Chun Ru Chou, Sophia Lee, Tsan Yin Wu for their remarkable achievements in the application of Agile principles and methodologies.

This prestigious recognition celebrates CEOs who have significantly advanced Agile thinking and practices.
“The goal is multifaceted: to promote Agile thinking in corporate management and individual skill development, and to encourage organizations and administrative units to embrace Agile project management,” explained Dr. Roger Chou, the initiator of the award. “Agility gives executives the tools they need to deal with the complexity and rapid change of today’s world.”

The first edition of the awards attracted 37 nominations. Candidates included CEOs, senior managers, university professors, and presidents. They were required to hold a recognized “CSM (Certified ScrumMaster)” certification. This diverse participation illustrates the expansion of Agile practices from the IT industry to various sectors, including education, significantly encouraging the promotion of Agile methodologies.
The gala dinner was attended by 193 distinguished guests, judges and volunteers. The evening was filled with joy and celebration, marked by exquisite dining and musical performances. Award recipients and guests shared the honor and happiness, embodying the Agile Scrum DNA.
The event featured video messages from five international experts, who also supported the event as judges: Peter Stevens, Joel Bancroft-Connors, Manoj Vadakkan, Sergey Dmitriev, all Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers®, and Hugo Lourenco, founder of the World Agility Forum.

Forty volunteers joined the five international experts to support the event under the leadership of Dr Chou. “The ‘Top 10 Global Agile CEO Awards’ originated in Taiwan and has now set sail internationally. We hope other countries will participate in the event next year,” summarized Dr. Chou.

News suorce: https://www.americanbusinesstimes.com/article/676011955-taiwan-initiates-first-ever-global-top-10-agile-ceo-awards-honoring-15-industry-and-academic-leaders


Alumni of College of Management: 

Wei chung Lin (林瑋鍾)
Department: Alumni of Department of Information Management
Title: General manager, Yuanchih Management Consulting LTD.

Wei-ming Ma (馬維銘)
Department: Alumni of Department of Information Management
Title: Professor, Department of Intelligent Commerce, National Kaohsiung University of Science And Technology

Vicky Wei (魏碧芬)
Department: Alumni of Executive MBA
Title: Chairman, SINYA DIGITAL CO., LTD.

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