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[English Taught Degree Programs] Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Importance in the Organization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Importance in the Organization

With vast growth of technology, yet comes challenges for recruitment to adapt. By submerging into giant technology company, Microsoft, for more than 20 years as AsiaGo-To-Market (GTM) Landing Lead, Dr. Hedy Ho came from Hong Kong to share her knowledge to students.

Dr. Ho discussed the critical cultural characteristics of digital transformation, highlighting the shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, the importance of team collaboration, individual empowerment, diversity and inclusion (D&I), and effective communication. She also introduces the concept of a growth mindset and shares personal experiences.

So the number one thing I learned for the past nine years, even though I'm in different countries and talking to new friends, the number one difference I learned is awareness of the invisible differences

-Dr. Hedy Ho


After her introduced and sharing her experience, students which already divided in teams, are expected to do assigned tasks. Each team discussed the use of AI technology forinclusive hiring and the importance of preparation and clear presentations. The teams present their ideas on using AI in data visualization, D&I recruitment, and the hiring process.

Highly interest on the topic as students who took the course of how well it is related, they discussed the whole thing thoroughly. But unfortunately for them, the speaker prepared obstacle to make it more challenging, as to promote the D&I and apply it in the discussion phase. As per previous discussions and observations on how the previous teams formed, they are forced to change some of teams member as directed by the speaker, and then the new teams must do their best to discuss also prepare for 6-minutes presentations.

Dr. Hedy, act as a judge for 8 teams, emphasizes the importance of preparing a clear and confident presentation. Each team member is expected to speak, and there is a time limit of six minutes. The speaker encourages the teams to focus on creating a connection, providing clarity, and demonstrating confidence in their presentations. After each team has presented, each students are directed to vote which group are best based on their opinion. The second team received the highest vote, presented their idea on DNI recruitment, which aims to avoid bias and integrate candidates based on their abilities and behaviour. They explain the two stages of the process: blind recruitment and behavioural testing. The team emphasizes the importance of avoiding bias while promoting inclusiveness and diversity.

In the end of the session, Dr. Hedy emphasise more into acknowledging teamwork, complementary ideas, and positive experiences from each team. She also highlight the importance of knowing team members' names and giving a name to the solution being pitched. The speaker appreciates the attention paid to teammates and the connection with the audience. The feedback is overall positive and encouraging. As a final word, Dr. Hedy mention the importance of switching teams and observing different perspectives as well as the need for inclusivity and growth mindset in tech companies.

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