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[IBMBA] Igniting the Fire Within: Prof. Alex Yu-Yu Chang talks about the power of curiosity

On September 22, 2023, Associate Professor Alex Yu-Yu Chang from IMBA National Cheng Kung University spoke in our Business Management seminar. His lecture on "Curiosity in the Journey of Academic Exploration" appeared to resonate with the students.

Alex started his lecture with a straightforward but intriguing question: What is curiosity? Referencing his 2019 research, he offered a new angle on how I- and D-type curiosity can inspire creativity and innovation in a work setting. He cited Albert Einstein's famous words, "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its reason for existing," urging students to adopt a mindset of constant inquiry and exploration to become more curious thinkers.

Alex highlighted the importance of understanding problems in order to ask meaningful questions. He argued that without identifying the issues at hand, it's difficult to formulate the right questions. In an era filled with information, developing critical thinking and the ability to ask insightful questions is key. This skill is valuable not just in our academic lives, but will also be crucial in our future careers.

Alex also showed how instructions can curb our curiosity, using a famous “invisible gorilla” experiment. In this intriguing activity, students were asked to watch a video and count trampling jumps. While being so focused on counting the goals, most students missed a gorilla strolling across the scene. This activity is a reminder to encourage students to see through their focus.

It wasn't just the subject matter that engaged the students; Alex's presentation style also stood out. He grabbed the audience's attention right from the start by asking about their familiarity with Tainan. His light-hearted comment about a Thai student's herbal inhaler, which reminded him of his own students in Tainan, added a personal touch and helped connect with the audience. "This has been my favorite guest lecture," said Pauline Laveder. Another student noted that Alex's encouragement of audience participation made the lecture not only enjoyable but also enriching for everyone.


The impact of Alex’s talk was evident in the students’ active response. His ability to inspire and engage students is a compelling example of unlocking curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge.

Chang, Y. Y., & Shih, H. Y. (2019). Work curiosity: A new lens for understanding employee creativity. Human Resource Management Review, 29(4), 100672.


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