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[IBMBA] Unveiling the Imperative of Diversity in Today's Workplace

On October 13, 2023, Dr. Jennet Achyldurdyyeva led an engaging seminar on "Diversity Management in Taiwan." Drawing from her academic adventures in the UK, she reflected on her journey from the corporate sphere to in-depth PhD research in Taiwan, with a focus on cross-cultural management and organizational behavior.

During her seminar, Dr. Achyldurdyyeva delved into a case study on Taiwan's semiconductor industry, a topic she later expanded upon in a book chapter titled “Diversity within Diversity Management.” She seamlessly blended academic research with tangible examples, offering attendees a deeper understanding of diversity's significance in professional settings. Initiating the discussion, Jennet prompted students to voice their perceptions of diversity. Answers varied from "people from diverse nations" and "various age groups" to encompassing "distinct cultures" and "genders." Expanding on these views, she introduced the concepts of visible and invisible facets of diversity, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and valuing these differences for a thriving workplace environment.

During the seminar, Dr. Achyldurdyyeva highlighted the strategies of the ASE group concerning diversity management. She emphasized their evolution from traditional management practices to adopting a deeper, responsibility-centered mindset. This shift notably included a transition from nurturing a familial organizational culture to a more comprehensive assessment that prioritizes employees' holistic well-being.

Dr. Achyldurdyyeva also touched upon the prevailing workforce trends in Taiwan. As the nation approaches its super-aged era, with over a fifth of its population being 65 or older, there's a looming labor shortage and an impending societal challenge. The increasing presence of international employees in Taiwan's workforce highlights the pressing need for employers to embrace diversity, inclusivity, and equity in this dynamic landscape, reaffirming the importance of workplace diversity.

Concluding her seminar, Jennet proposed actionable steps for robust diversity management. Key considerations for foreign employees selecting Taiwan for work encompassed emergency loan access for family crises, competitive pay, and subsidies for housing, transport, and education.

Dr. Achyldurdyyeva's seminar offered a holistic view of diversity management's role in today's professional sphere. She illuminated the significance of acknowledging diversity while providing pragmatic strategies for fostering an inclusive work setting. Her discussion stands as a pivotal contribution to the global discourse on diversity, and her insights are poised to spark renewed discussions and initiatives in both academic and industry realms.

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