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[IBMBA] Shaping Healthy Futures: Exploring the Impact of Food Environments on Dietary Habits

In today’s ever-changing world, our ability to make healthy food choices and contribute to the long-term viability of food systems relies on establishing mutual trust and understanding with governments. Dr. Elaine Borazon delivered an engaging lecture to students on the topic of “Food environments: empowering business to create healthier opportunities,” providing insights into the multifaceted world of food environments and their critical role in shaping our dietary habits.

During Dr. Borazon's speech,  she discussed the idea of food environments and how they were shaped by various factors such as physical, social, economic, and political conditions. She emphasized that our food choices significantly impact our health and well-being. Therefore, to create environments that encourage healthy eating habits to prevent obesity and promote better health is essential.

It is no secret that the amount of calories we consume has a direct impact on our weight. Ensuring that we make good food choices is a shared responsibility and requires the involvement of several parties. Dr. Borazon highlighted the importance of food advertisements in her talk. She explained how these ads have an impact on all five senses of the consumers. She particularly emphasized the need to promote healthy eating habits among children. This approach has the potential to inspire kids to prioritize nutritious choices and contribute to their overall health.

The activity on promoting healthy food and beverage choices proved to be a turning point for participants, who recognized the significance of nutrition education. They enthusiastically put their heads together to brainstorm ideas that could make a difference. Suggestions include teaching children at schools, displaying posters in subways, and hosting TV shows focused on healthy diets. This activity inspired the audience to be more conscious of the food they consume and purchase.

After the speech, audiences expressed their interest and inspiration in understanding the challenges of malnutrition and overnutrition in ASEAN and policies to tackle these issues. They acknowledged the shared responsibility in combating unhealthy diets and thanked Dr. Borazon for an engaging talk.

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