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[IBMBA] Unlocking Career Paths: Daniel Aschauer Guides Young Business Graduates Through Life Design

On November 24, 2023, Daniel Aschauer‘s talk on "Designing Your Career: How to Start Building Your Career as a Young Business Graduate" has left a diverse audience feeling inspired and empowered. Mr. Aschauer's practical advice and exercises, drawn from the book "Designing Your Life: Build the Perfect Career Step by Step" by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, provided invaluable insights to the audience.

Daniel Aschauer grew up in the picturesque Austrian countryside, where he discovered his passion for business and intercultural connections during his teenage years. His journey from a small village to becoming the Deputy General Manager of a subsidiary in Taiwan for an Austrian company is a testament to his commitment and determination. Now, as a Human Resources professional at Compaxdigital, Aschauer is passionate about sharing his experiences and guiding young talents in their career endeavors.

Mr. Aschauer's talk began with three fundamental questions that resonate with many students looking to kickstart their careers in Taiwan:
1.    As an international student, what are my career options in Taiwan after graduation?
2.    How can I discover the most suitable career direction for myself, injecting creativity into the process?
3.    What are the clear, specific steps to initiate and propel my career forward?
Interestingly, the second question garnered the highest votes from participants, indicating a common concern among students grappling with the uncertainty of their career paths. 

Mr. Aschauer then utilized the principles outlined in the book "Designing Your Life" to offer insights into creating a meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life. He led the attendees through a series of exercises intended to foster introspection and aid in life planning. The first exercise involved reflecting on one's views towards life and work. The second exercise, "Life Odyssey Plan," prompted participants to imagine their plans for the next five years, considering alternative paths if needed. This exercise was particularly relevant, as it addressed the need for clarity and direction expressed by many attendees. Lastly, participants are asked to develop three prototypes to test different options and move their plans forward.

The feedback from attendees was positive, with many commending the practicality and applicability of the exercises. One participant expressed, "This lecture was a fantastic opportunity to explore myself, clear my mind, and identify the next steps for my career. The exercises were insightful and made me think deeply about my future. Overall, it was a great experience."
Mr. Aschauer's presentation offered valuable insights and empowered young professionals to take charge of their careers. By sharing his personal experience, Mr. Aschauer has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the aspiring minds in the audience, guiding them towards a more intentional and fulfilling career path.

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