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[ORSA] 2024 SDGs Proposal Competition: "Green Conferences or Events"

Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions, College of Management, NSYSU

The College of Management's 2024 SDGs Proposal Competition: "Green Conferences or Events"




Theme and Content of the Competition: Green Conferences or Events

To encourage members of the College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University (hereinafter referred to as “the College”) to harness their creativity to implement sustainable initiatives, the College invites faculty and students from all departments and institutes to propose ideas for green conferences or events and put them into practice in keeping with the theme of this year’s SDGs Proposal Competition.



  • 可用系所(含學程)、學生組織(例如系學會)、辦公室或教師個人名義報名,但限本院師生參加。
  • 以學生組織名義報名者,需為本院具有正式學籍之在校生(不含交換生),不限年級、不限國籍,歡迎本籍生、外籍生、大學生、研究生一同組隊報名參賽。
  • 以學生組織名義報名者,組織內至少要有三名本院學生為此次活動核心幹部,且須有指導老師一名,由本院專任教師擔任。


  • Departments (including programs), student organizations (such as departmental clubs), offices, or individual professors are eligible to participate in the competition, but participation is limited to students and faculty members of the College.
  • Students participating as a student organization must be enrolled in the College (exchange students are not eligible), with no restriction on nationality or academic level. Students are encouraged to form teams with any combination of domestic, international, undergraduate, and postgraduate students.
  • In student organization proposals, there must be at least three students of the College as core members of the proposed event as well as one supervisor who is a full-time faculty member of the College.



  • 參加者須針對一項其有30人以上出席參與的例行或既定活動,提出將其以綠色會議或綠色活動形式辦理的構想,並確實執行。構想中須涵蓋環境品質文教基金會的《會議與活動環保規範執行參考要點》(如附件一)中至少6項執行要點及2個項目,涵蓋的要點及項目愈多,評審分數愈高。至於例行或既定的活動,例子有(1)原已規劃舉辦的研討會、研習會;(2)定期舉辦的系學會會議;(3)畢業典禮;(4)校友聚會、餐會等。該活動並須於今年1120日前辦理完畢。專門為環保而辦理的活動(例如淨灘)或只為參加本競賽而辦理的活動,恕不受理。
  • 決賽簡報時,可1人或多人上台,以中文或英文說明均可。
  • 決賽報告時間:每組10分鐘說明,10分鐘問答。
  • 凡今年1120日前可辦理完成的活動,均可申請。通過決賽者須於該參賽活動結束後7個工作天內提供照片及其他佐證資料。
  • 如無特殊理由,通過決賽者須邀請主辦單位派員列席有關活動,以便實地瞭解情況。

Competition Regulations:

  • Participants must propose and execute a plan for transforming a routine or established event attended by at least 30 participants into a green conference or green event. The proposal must cover at least six implementation points and two items of the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation’s “Reference Points for Implementing Environmental Protection Norms for Conferences and Events” (see Appendix 1). The more points and items covered in the plan, the higher the assessment score will be. Examples of routine or established events include (1) already planned seminars and workshops; (2) regular departmental meetings; (3) graduation ceremonies; (4) alumni gatherings and dinners, etc. These events should be completed by November 20, 2024. Events organized specifically for the purpose of environmental protection (such as beach cleanups) or for the sole purpose of participating in this competition will not be accepted.
  • During the final presentation, one or more people may present. The presentation may be in either Chinese or English.
  • Presentation time: 10 minutes of explanation and 10 minutes of Q&A will be allotted for each team.
  • Events that will be completed before November 20, 2024 are eligible. Finalists are required to provide photos and other supporting materials within seven working days after the completion of the event.
  • Unless there are special circumstances, finalists are required to invite representatives from the organizing committee to attend the event in order to gain a better understanding of the situation at the event.



  • 報名:2024426日截止,請將報名表WORD檔寄至主辦單位orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw,信件主旨請寫「2024管院SDG競賽-提案名稱」。
  • 初審:2024513日公布進入決賽名單。
  • 決賽:暫定20246月中旬,確切簡報日期會再公告。進入決賽之隊伍,需於決賽前2週先繳交修正提案計畫及簡報,並於決賽當日到場說明簡報內容。

Application and Competition Timeline:

  • Application Deadline: April 26, 2024
  • Please send the completed application form as a Word document to the organizer at orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw, with the subject “College of Management's 2024 SDG Proposal Competition-[Proposal Name]”.
  • Preliminary Round: Finalists will be announced on May 13, 2024.
  • Final Round: Presentations are tentatively scheduled for mid-June 2024. The exact date will be announced later. Finalists will be required to submit a revised proposal plan and presentation two weeks before the final round and to be present on the day of the final round to explain the content of their presentation.



  • 由主辦單位邀請專家學者組成評審小組,先就各組提供的修正提案計畫與簡報檔進行審查,再於決賽當日評審選出得獎者。
  • 將於全部參賽的綠色會議或活動結束後,由ORSA審核佐證資料,再公佈得獎名單於本院網站首頁。(例如共有5場活動進入決賽,其中有4場活動已在8月以前完成,第5場是規劃在1020日舉行,則預計於11月公佈得獎名單)

Judging Method:

  • The organizing committee will invite experts and scholars to form a panel of judges. They will first review the revised proposal plans and presentation files provided by each group and then select the winners in the final competition.
  • After all participating green conferences and events are completed, the ORSA will review the supporting materials and announce the winners on the College's website. (For example, if there are 5 events in the final round, 4 of which have been completed before August, and the 5th event is scheduled for October 20, the winners would be announced in November.)



  • 提案須涵蓋環境品質文教基金會《會議與活動環保規範執行參考要點》(如附件一)中至少6項執行要點及2個項目。涵蓋的要點及項目愈多,評審分數愈高:50%
  • 上述執行要點的可能環保效益:20%
  • 團隊承諾於活動完成後將提供之佐證資料是否充分及具體:10%
  • 團隊成員及參與人數(例如,系上有多少教師共同推動該活動;預計參與人數是30人或100人以上):10%
  • 團隊對SDGs的認識與過去有關作為 (Q&A進行)10%

Scoring Criteria:

  • The proposal should cover at least 6 implementation points and 2 items of the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation's “Reference Points for Implementing Environmental Protection Norms for Conferences and Events” (see Appendix 1). The more points and items covered, the higher the score: 50%.
  • Possible environmental benefits of the above-mentioned implementation points: 20%.
  • Adequacy and specificity of the supporting materials that the team has committed to provide after the completion of the event: 10%
  • Number of team members and participants (such as how many faculty members in the department are working together to promote the event; whether the number of participants is expected to be 30 or more than 100, etc.): 10%
  • Team’s knowledge of SDGs and SDG-related past behavior (as demonstrated in the Q&A session): 10%



  • 第一名:頒發獎狀一紙、獎金 20,000
  • 第二名:頒發獎狀一紙、獎金 10,000
  • 第三名:頒發獎狀一紙、獎金 6,000
  • 佳作(2-3組):頒發獎狀一紙、獎金 3,000
  • 以上得獎名次將待各得獎之申請單位皆辦理活動後,依實際參與人數和完成之要點及項目數,排序決定名次。

Competition Prizes:

  • First Place: certificate and cash prize of NT$20,000
  • Second Place: certificate and cash prize of NT$10,000
  • Third Place: certificate and cash prize of NT$6,000
  • Honorable Mention (2-3 groups): certificate and cash prize of NT$3,000
  • The rankings for these awards will be determined after all the finalists have completed their events. The rankings will be based on the actual number of attendees of the event and the completion of execution points and items.



  • 例如預估100人出席,實際只有50人出席,雖然符合最低人數30人的規定,但出席率僅達原目標的50%,不核發獎金。
  • 例如提案內容寫了可以完成10個執行要點及2個項目,但檢核時僅符合6個執行要點及2個項目,雖然符合至少6項執行要點及2個項目的規定,但完成度僅60%,不核發獎金。

Remarks: Participating teams should carefully evaluate the feasibility of their proposals. The actual number of attendees and the implementation points and items must meet at least 70% of the proposal’s objectives. If the actual event meets less than 70% of the objectives, no cash prize will be awarded. Examples are as follows:

  • Example 1: The proposal states that 100 people are expected to attend the event, but only 50 people actually attend. This meets the minimum requirement of 30 attendees; however, the attendance rate is only 50% of the original target, so the cash prize will not be given.
  • Example 2: The proposal states that 10 action points and 2 items will be accomplished, but only 6 action points and 2 items are met at the time of review. Even though this meets the minimum requirement of 6 action points and 2 items, the completion rate is only 60%, so the cash prize will not be given.


聯絡電話:07-525-2000 分機4515

Organizer: Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University
E-mail: orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw
Tel: 07-525-2000#4515

※The organizing committee reserves the right to make any final modifications, changes, or interpretations as well as to cancel the event.



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