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《112-2 GHRM608》Beyond Fixed Thinking: Embracing Growth Mindset for Business Success

On Friday, March 8th, 2024, in a session of the Human Resource Competency Development course at GHRM MBA, Professors Chen Shyh-Jer and Heidi Chang, along with guest lecturer Ms. Liao Pei Chun from a global company in Operational Technology Industry, explored the intriguing concept of growth mindset in business. Ms. Liao, an NSYSU Human Resource Management MBA alumna, shared her practical insights from working in the HR Learning and Development program, offering a unique practitioner's perspective on the topic.

The session began with an exploration of psychologist Carol Dweck's research on growth mindset. Attendees gained a clear understanding of the differences between growth mindset and fixed mindset, especially in how individuals respond to learning new things, facing challenges or failures, and receiving feedback. This foundational knowledge set the stage for deeper discussions on the implications of mindset in business settings.

A key takeaway from the session was the importance of evaluating one's work, not oneself. This shift in perspective can lead to a more constructive approach to personal and professional development. To illustrate this point, students engaged in an exercise where they drew a scientifically accurate butterfly. This activity symbolized the idea of transformation and encouraged participants to reflect on how they can improve themselves and their work.

Another engaging activity involved partners counting to three and, if a mistake was made, saying "Oh yeah" with their hands up. This lighthearted exercise reinforced the idea that mistakes are a natural part of growth and should be embraced rather than feared.

During the Q&A session, students explored practical strategies for assessing a company's mindset. One insightful question asked how to check if a company has a growth mindset. The answer highlighted the importance of observing how the company reacts to employee mistakes, as it reflects the organization's overall culture.

In conclusion, the session left participants with a renewed sense of empowerment to embrace challenges and failures as opportunities for growth. By actively seeking feedback and challenging themselves, students learned that failure is not something to be avoided but rather embraced as a stepping stone to success.

The attendees of the course were captivated by Ms. Liao Pei Chun's engaging lecture, which provided valuable insights into the practical application of growth mindset in the business world. Her sharing of real-life examples from her career path as an HR professional sparked lively discussions and left a lasting impression on the students. The class expressed gratitude for Ms. Liao's expertise and recommended the course to others seeking to enhance their understanding of growth mindset in a business context.

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