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《112-2_GHRM507 & IB612》Lung Soon Group Field Trip: A New Chapter in Student-Business Interaction

On April 10, 2024, the class of Consulting Methods and Practices at GHRM MBA and IBMBA had the honor to visit the headquarter of Lung Soon Ocean Group. The course, led by Professor Chien-Yuan Sher and Professor Heidi Chang, provided insightful sessions to let students gain the real consulting experience with the world leader in harvesting, processing, preparation and supply of quality tuna and seafood. This visit was not only an opportunity for hands-on learning but also marked a new chapter of interaction and collaborative problem-solving between graduate students and the business.

Lung Soon Group, a well-known enterprise located near Cianjhen Harbor, presented a challenge this year: how to implement and operationalize a QR Code ordering system to overcome the challenge of human resource shortage in their restaurant branches. These issues are not only the current practical problems faced by Lung Soon Group but also the topics the students can apply the consulting methods to provide practical suggestions to this global company. 

During the company visit, students had the opportunity to delve deep into the business operations—from the cold storage work environment to project discussions in the conference room, each step was filled with learning and discovery. Kent, the special assistant to the managing director of Lung Soon Group, not only guided the students through key workplaces but also shared the company's history, culture, and current challenges.

One of the highlights of the field trip was the active participation of the students. They asked insightful questions about the projects and showed a keen interest in Lung Soon Group’s environmental practices. This interaction not only enriched the students' learning experience but also provided Lung Soon Group with fresh perspectives and creative ideas. In the final stages of the field trip, students had in-depth exchanges with Lung Soon Group. This not only helped the students better understand the issues but also laid the groundwork for them to provide substantial recommendations and solutions for the company in the coming weeks.

This field trip is part of the "Consulting Methods and Practices" course, designed to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world settings and develop students' problem-solving skills. The openness and collaborative spirit of Lung Soon Group, coupled with the active participation of the students, together wrote a successful chapter of integrating academia with practice.

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