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[IBMBA] Akshit: A Flourishing Career in International Trade with Test Rite, Taiwan

[IBMBA] Akshit: A Flourishing Career in International Trade with Test Rite, Taiwan

After graduating, Akshit embarked on a promising career with Test Rite, a leading Taiwanese company specializing in international trade and headquartered in 台北市內湖區 (Neihu, Taipei). His role within the merchandising team involves sourcing products from India for major US retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Menards, The Home Depot, O’Reilly, showcasing his ability to bridge markets across continents.

Comprehensive Training and Job Placement

Akshit’s journey at Test Rite began with a structured six-month training program, designed to familiarize him with various departmental operations by rotating him through different segments of the company. This extensive training ensures that he grasps the fundamental aspects of the business, preparing him for the complex nature of international trade.

Proactive Job Search and Selection Process

Akshit’s proactive approach in his job search involved utilizing various resources, including the 104 platform and Contact Taiwan, a job bank catering specifically to foreigners. His participation in job fairs at NSYSU and internships at the Institute for Information Industry in Taipei significantly enhanced his resume, making him a competitive candidate in the job market.

Selected from among five potential employers, Akshit chose Test Rite for its location advantage—seeing the long term prospective of working for a MNC from home town was a perfect opportunity for him, Taipei. His proactive engagement in multiple job banks and rigorous interview preparation were key to securing his position.

Rigorous Interview Experience

The selection process at Test Rite involved a three-round interview, starting with IQ and mathematical testing, followed by an HR session to assess personality fit, and concluding with a managerial interview focused on his future plans and industry knowledge. This comprehensive process allowed both Akshit and the company to align their expectations and goals effectively.

Career Advancement and Insights

Upon successfully navigating the interview process, Akshit was briefed on his responsibilities by his manager, setting the stage for his role in the company. He emphasizes the importance of early preparation for job interviews and recommends proficiency in Chinese to enhance communication within Taiwanese business contexts, despite the prevalence of English.

Networking and Educational Impact

Akshit advocates for utilizing platforms like the Indian Taipei Association, which facilitates job opportunities for Indians in Taiwan. His educational background in International Business MBA from NSYSU has been instrumental, particularly the advanced presentation skills critical for roles in marketing and sales.

Professional Background and Market Outlook 

Before his MBA, Akshit accumulated five years of experience in international trading and e-commerce in India, and also worked as an operations manager for a travel agency, handling a diverse Asian clientele. His stint with the Ministry of External Affairs in India further enriched his professional profile.

With the rapid growth of India's GDP and the expansion of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry in India, Akshit is optimistic about future job prospects in related fields. His dedication to promoting Indian culture during his MBA studies reflects his commitment to fostering international cultural exchange.

Future Aspirations and Contributions

Looking forward, Akshit aims to leverage his extensive training and international experience to advance to senior management roles within Test Rite. He is particularly interested in expanding the company’s footprint by introducing more Indian products to the global market, which will enhance trade relations and promote cultural exchange.

His active participation in seminars and workshops on cross-cultural communication underscores his dedication to improving international business relationships. Akshit’s story is not just one of personal success but also a testament to the global impact well-prepared professionals can have in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade.

Akshit’s career trajectory at Test Rite demonstrates the dynamic nature of global trade and the significant role of cultural and educational experiences in shaping successful international business careers.

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