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《112-2 GHRM608》 Be Brave to Embrace Loss: Insights from Charley Hu, SVP and Head of People Capability at TW

In the tenth week of the Human Resources Competency Development class (GHRM MBA) taught by Professors Shyh-Jer Chen and Heidi Chang, students were treated to an intriguing session by guest speaker Charley Hu, Senior Vice President and Head of People Capability at Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan. Charley Hu, who holds a Master's degree in Psychology from National Taiwan University, shared valuable insights into facing loss and making brave decisions in life and career.

With a career spanning various esteemed positions, including roles as a Senior Consultant at DDI in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region, Senior Manager for Learning and Development (Regional) at PWC, Manager for Learning and Development (Taiwan) at PWC, and Associate Manager for Learning and Development at Mediatek, Charley Hu brought a wealth of experience in HR fields to the table.

Charley began the session by challenging the traditional definition of success, highlighting that every perceived achievement comes with sacrifices and intentional losses. He encouraged students to reflect on their past choices, emphasizing that their current selves are shaped by these decisions. Charley highlighted the inherent uncertainty in decision-making. He emphasized that while there is no foolproof method for making the right choice, individuals can look back at their past decisions to find direction and belief. Introducing the "BRAVE" method as a decision-making framework, Charley emphasized its components: "B"acktrack Choices, "R"eview Key Word, "A"nalyze the Pattern, "V"isualize the Belief, and "E" xecute in Discipline.

The BRAVE method encourages individuals to reflect on their past decisions, identify key themes or keywords that define their decisions, analyze patterns in their decision-making process, visualize their core beliefs, and execute their decisions with discipline. By applying this method, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their decision-making process and align their choices with their core values and beliefs.

Charley stressed the importance of being brave in embracing loss in life and career, urging students to never fear loss. He shared a quote from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang: “Run, don’t walk. Remember, either you’re running for food or you are running from becoming food. And oftentimes, you can’t tell which. Either way, run. You will endure  the pain and suffering needed to realize your dreams. And you will make sacrifices to dedicate yourself to a life of purpose and doing your life's work.” This quote highlighted the significance of running towards challenges and enduring pain and suffering to realize one's dreams. Charley concluded his session with three tips for making choices: choosing growth, choosing to take action, and choosing to help others

In conclusion, the class found Charley Hu's lecture both enlightening and engaging. His insights on embracing loss and making courageous decisions resonated with many students, inspiring them to reflect on their own decision-making processes. The class deeply appreciated Charley Hu's effort in sharing his expertise and insights, which provided valuable guidance for their personal and professional development. Overall, the students expressed positive feedback after the course, highlighting the practicality and relevance of the BRAVE method in navigating life and career challenges."

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