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NSYSU Students Dive Deep into Local Business Innovation and Tradition

On a sunny afternoon of May 3rd, a dynamic group of thirty students from National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) embarked on an inspiring field trip designed to bridge academic theory with real-world business practices. The field trip, diligently organized by the Student Association (SA), spanned the afternoon and early evening, offering a comprehensive look at two iconic businesses that symbolize the combination of innovation and tradition in Taiwan’s thriving industrial landscape.

Exploring a Titan of Industry: Feng Chiun International Packaging Technology 

The journey began with an hour-long bus ride to one of Taiwan's most acclaimed packaging companies. This business stands as a beacon of industrial success, with extensive activities and great market impact. Upon arrival, the group was warmly welcomed by the CEO, who personally took the helm of guiding the students through the maze of high-tech machinery and bustling production lines.

This company is more than just a manufacturer; it is a visionary in the packaging industry, offering tailored solutions that span from conceptual design to the final product. Students were given the opportunity to witness the sophisticated processes of printing, layering, and drying, which are pivotal to the production of high-quality packaging materials. The CEO emphasized their latest initiative towards sustainability—a project focused on creating recyclable plastic packaging. This endeavor is aligned with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting the company's commitment to decreasing environmental impact while meeting the market's evolving needs.

One of the tour’s highlights was observing the transformational journey of the company’s premises, which evolved from a sparse landscape into a bustling hub of innovation over just seven years. The patented two-fold plastic bag, a marvel of design and functionality, underscored the company's dedication to leading through innovation. This segment of the visit not only showcased the technical aspects of packaging, but also painted a picture of a company that’s deeply involved in sustainable practices and forward-thinking business models.

A Taste of Tradition and Innovation: The Family-Run Sausage Company

Following the informative packaging company tour, the students proceeded to their next stop—a family-owned sausage company with a rich heritage that dates back generations. Arriving around 4:30 PM, the atmosphere shifted from industrial to artisanal as the CEO and his team greeted the group with heartfelt hospitality.

Inside the cozy confines of the company’s meeting room, a captivating video presentation awaited, detailing the company’s storied history and the painstaking care that goes into each sausage produced. It was a narrative steeped in tradition yet punctuated with modern advancements in food production.

The real treat, however, was the tasting session that followed. Students were introduced to a vast assortment of sausage flavors—more than fifty in total. Each variety, from the exotic flying fish sausage to more conventional flavors like spicy and lemongrass, demonstrated the company's inventive spirit in flavor research. The session was not just about tasting, but also a lively competition in which everyone voted for their favorite sausage by placing a fork on the plate they preferred the most.

Reflecting on a Day of Insightful Learnings

As the eventful day drew to a close, and the sun began to set, the students boarded the bus back to NSYSU, their minds rich with new insights and ideas. They arrived back at the campus at exactly 7:00 PM, gathered at the familiar corner café, reflecting on the day’s experiences.

This field trip was more than just an academic requirement; it was a profound journey into the heart of Taiwanese industry, showcasing how businesses can thrive by merging traditional practices with innovative approaches. The students left with not only a deeper understanding of two distinct industries but also inspiration on how these models can be applied to future entrepreneurial endeavors.

For NSYSU students, the trip was a beneficial journey into the practical realities of modern business, providing a mix of education and real-world experience that will definitely affect their professional paths in the years to come.

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