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[IBMBA] Navigating the Path to Success: The Story of Ida Burie

Ida Burie’s journey into the world of finance and auditing is one marked by determination, resilience, and a strategic approach to career growth. As an audit professional at one of the Big Four accounting firms, Ida has carved out a successful career path that showcases the importance of networking, continuous learning, and adaptability in the ever-evolving field of finance.

Ida began her academic career at a prestigious university, where she earned a degree in finance. This educational foundation helped prepare her for the complex world of auditing and financial consultancy. During her university years, Ida stressed the significance of networking, which she credits with her professional success. She formed connections with classmates and professors, many of whom have become valuable resources and contacts in her professional life.

Ida’s entry into the professional world was facilitated by her university’s strong ties with industry leaders. During her last year, the university had a career expo at which representatives from several industries came to recruit promising students. Among these companies was the global giant, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the Big Four accounting firms. Ida grasped the opportunity, applied, and passed through a tough selection process that involved numerous rounds of interviews and assessments.

Ida began her professional career at PwC in September 2022. She joined the Assurance Services and Control Risk (ASCR) department, a crucial segment of the firm that focuses on auditing and financial consulting. Her role involves auditing clients' financial statements, setting audit strategies, and identifying potential financial risks, such as fraud. This role requires a keen eye for detail, an understanding of various industries, and the ability to communicate complex financial concepts to clients.

Ida’s typical work cycle involves setting audit strategies at the beginning of the financial year, conducting on-site audits from January to April, and certifying the accuracy of financial statements. This rigorous process ensures that her clients' financial statements are accurate and free from material misstatements. Ida’s work often requires her to travel to client sites, which she describes as essential for understanding and verifying financial data.

One significant challenge Ida faces in her role is dealing with complex and sometimes uncooperative clients. Financial audits require the collection of various documents and proofs, which clients might not always understand or have readily available. Ida emphasizes the importance of clear communication and educating clients on what is required to ensure a smooth auditing process.

The chance for international exposure is an important part of Ida's career at PwC. Ida has used this to gain a variety of experiences, including a short-term transfer to Taiwan. This experience not only increased her grasp of worldwide financial procedures, but also improved her cultural competence, which is essential in today's globalized business.

Reflecting on the job market, Ida advises new graduates to seek opportunities with international firms, especially if they do not speak the local language fluently. In her experience, international companies are more accommodating and often operate in English, making it easier for non-native speakers to integrate.

Ida also stresses the importance of leveraging professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. She advises creating a professional profile that highlights key skills and experiences, which can attract potential employers. Ida underscores the significance of continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends, which are crucial for career advancement. She shared some practical tips for job seekers, emphasizing the need for a well-crafted CV and a compelling motivation letter. She recommends utilizing tools like ChatGPT to help with drafting and proofreading, ensuring that the documents are error-free and effectively communicate the candidate’s strengths.

For interviews, Ida suggests thorough preparation, including mock interviews with friends or family. This practice helps identify areas for improvement and boosts confidence. She also highlights the importance of understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing candidates to present themselves authentically during interviews.

Ida credits her university education for providing a solid foundation in finance and business practices. Courses in legal studies and social business were particularly beneficial, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory and ethical considerations in finance. The university’s focus on entrepreneurship and social responsibility has also influenced Ida's approach to her work, encouraging her to consider the broader impact of financial practices on society.

As Ida continues to build her career, she remains committed to professional growth and making a positive impact through her work. Her journey is a testament to the importance of education, networking, and a strategic approach to career development. For those aspiring to follow in her footsteps, Ida’s story offers valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the competitive world of finance and auditing.

In conclusion, Ida Burie’s career path is a blend of academic excellence, strategic career moves, and a commitment to continuous learning. Her experiences highlight the importance of adaptability, effective communication, and leveraging opportunities for international exposure. Aspiring finance professionals can learn a great deal from Ida’s journey, making it clear that success in this field is not just about technical skills, but also about building relationships, understanding global markets, and continuously evolving with the industry.

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