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[IBMBA] Mandy's Career Journey: From Humanities to Tech


Transitioning from a humanities background into the tech industry can be a daunting but rewarding journey. Upon graduating, Mandy made a deliberate choice to enter the electronics industry despite lacking prior knowledge in the field. Her first employment was in a factory, where she gained hands-on experience and learned about the industry's operations. This decision to work on-site was driven by the belief that direct exposure to factory operations would lay a solid foundation for future roles, especially in product management.

Working in the factory environment was not just about tasks; it was a comprehensive learning experience. Interacting with brand manufacturers and clients provided insights into product development cycles, customer engagement strategies, and the operational dynamics between factories and brand partners. This exposure was invaluable in shaping Mandy's understanding of the industry's nuances and preparing her for more strategic roles. Mandy recommends that students plan their future path clearly, knowing what they want to do and where they want to be. Throughout her job interviews and job searches, she always knew which company or position she wanted, making her career path clear and focused.

Strategic Career Progression: From Operations to Product Management

Mandy's work path changed significantly when she transitioned from industrial operations to more strategic positions. It was a combination of seizing opportunities and strategic planning. A headhunter presented an opportunity to work with renowned brands like Apple, which precisely matched her skills and professional goals. This move emphasized the importance of networking and being proactive in seeking out opportunities that match one's expertise and professional aspirations.

Mandy's tenure at Apple, though brief, was instrumental in honing her skills and understanding the tech industry's demands. Contrary to popular perceptions, the focus in Asia was on operational roles and managing relationships with various stakeholders. Her experience in factory management and familiarity with iPhone manufacturing processes proved to be quite valuable and relevant in bridging the gap between operational complexities and strategic product management.

Building Networks and Leveraging Relationships

Throughout Mandy's career journey, networking played a pivotal role in opening doors to new opportunities. While her initial job came through a colleague's referral, subsequent career advancements were facilitated by recommendations and internal transfers. Building strong professional relationships, attending networking events, and actively seeking referrals proved to be helpful in navigating career transitions and accessing diverse job opportunities. Mandy notes that in between jobs, many former colleagues or companies would offer her positions, underscoring the importance of building relationships.

Job Hunting Strategies and Interview Preparation

Job-hunting strategies evolved with each career phase. From broad applications on job platforms to targeted networking and referrals, adaptability and strategic thinking were key. Extensive research and aligning her skills with job requirements were crucial in standing out during interviews. She emphasized the relevance of her diverse background, showcasing how skills like programming languages and language proficiency aligned seamlessly with job roles in the tech industry.

Mandy advises being true to oneself in interviews. She would not hide any information or over-promote herself. Instead, Mandy would genuinely discuss her strengths and weaknesses, demonstrating her interest and willingness to improve her knowledge of the organization. She recommends using the platform 104 Job Bank in Taiwan for job searches.


Mandy mentioned that IBMBA and GHRM provided her with an amazing opportunity to learn and experience new activities. The exchange program created lifelong memories, as she gained new knowledge and made new friends.

The Future of the Electronics Enterprise

Mandy notes that the electronics enterprise market has seen a decline over the past few years but has shown some improvement this year. Despite this, she doesn't see a strong reason to join the electronics field now. However, if it is your dream job or passion, there are still many possibilities.


Mandy's journey from humanities graduate to a tech industry professional underscores the importance of strategic career planning, continuous learning, and leveraging relationships. Each career transition provided unique learning opportunities and contributed to her growth as a versatile professional. The insights gained from navigating diverse roles in the electronics and technology sectors serve as a testament to the possibilities and rewards of pursuing a career path aligned with one's passions and aspirations.

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