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《112-2_GHRM507 & IB612》Field Trip for Final Presentation to Lung Soon Ocean Group



On June 5, 2024, the Consulting Methods and Practices class from the GHRM MBA and IBMBA programs at NSYSU had the honor of visiting the headquarters of Long Shun Fishery Group to present their final project reports. The course, led by Professor Chien-Yuan Sher and Professor Heidi Zhang, is a cornerstone of the GHRM MBA program, emphasizing the development of soft skills through real-world applications and rigorous academic training.

During the final presentation, students demonstrated exceptional analytical abilities, presenting both quantitative data from extensive surveys and qualitative insights from numerous on-site restaurant visits. Their data-driven approach highlighted the potential for digital transformation in restaurant ordering processes and addressed human resource management issues within the industry.

The students' proposals featured innovative solutions such as digitizing the restaurant ordering process and improving human resource management. These suggestions were supported by extensive research, data analysis, and hands-on qualitative interviews, showcasing the students' commitment to evidence-based management practices.

By conducting qualitative interviews and direct observations, the students were able to identify key areas for improvement in the restaurant QR code ordering system and propose effective solutions. Their comprehensive approach ensured that the recommendations were not only theoretically sound but also practically viable.

This accomplishment underscores the academic excellence of NSYSU’s GHRM and IBMBA programs and highlights the students' ability to apply their knowledge and skills in impactful ways.


Written by Cathy Yu 

(Provided by IBMBA & IBBA)

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